Failure in life is indispensable and indispensable – it will get rid of you!

Tiger Woods. Michael Jordan. Boston Red Sox. New England Patriots. Bill Gates. Warren Buffett.
The winner is not all, this is the only thing.

Our first number! What's First!

We certainly respect, celebrate, admire, approaching to adore those who have won the peak. But what about all the great successes? Fault. Why not celebrate failure? Is failure so bad? I have repeatedly advised my students to fail to have the right to drown. And for me, failure was a constant and intimate companion. Sometimes I'm a friend. Over the years, he has been unlucky: my first experiment at university, as a quality controller, salesman, in the first years as a stand-up comic. But through these failures I've learned a lot about myself, the world of work, people, motivation, inspiration, despair, priorities, etc.

The benefits and importance of failure in school should be taught. If a child gets "F", he needs to be congratulated and talk with great understanding and insight. In the dormitory we have to succeed in failing classes: error 100, progressive failure 102, failure 131, perfectionist error 192, error and 222 for the new age group.

Why was the failure looked down? Inti? Did you look like a bad guy? The bug is great. What do we learn from the most? Lack or success? Is it the pleasure of success and subsequent trips to Disneyland? Or the taste of defeat is still in the victory, a winner who can not look at the Super Bowl ring, instead of thinking of winning, he thinks he has lost the Super Bowl loss. And this is not the number of great shows Madonna's remembered, but the disaster that is the major disappointment that should not be let go.

Mood! the loser is so poisonous for most people that they hardly notice the Caltech basketball team and its 21-year loser in the Quantum Hoops movie. – Oh, but these guys are so smart!

Is there anything to do with this nasty thing, is this the monster?

Even George Washington emerged unharmed after the first two major failures: the Jumonville Glen incident and the Monongahela battle. Another mistake is not to get the deserts. Even after the loss of its first battle, it was a newspaper focusing on Washington's "Great Reputation of Military Skill, Integrity and Honor". But Washington knew the hard knock school was good. He was the master of failure, lost more battles than winning. So what did you remember about your first big defeat? "For the remainder of Washington's life, Washington remembered the scenes of the dead and the screams of the wounded as they were stung" (Joseph Ellis's Great Service 22). This horror, this failure, perhaps, deprived him of the pleasure of an extensive idealistic youth, but solidified his appreciation and contempt for war, not its avoidance, but its shortness and the importance of countless American freedoms. coming. He learned a great lesson about how they fought in a mountainous, thick forest: "Monongahela's massacre is a costly and painful way to learn this tough lesson, but Washington has learned deeply (Ellis 23) (emphasis). [19659002] The most important lessons of life, the ones we carry deeply with oneself, are those that help us to help others. For if we keep away from ourselves, keep our eyes away from the terrible pain we have taken in, we look at the pains of others who are suffering kindly and find our humanity in them, find our hope, and implant our hearts in their heads, bringing a lighter light to the world, a light that can not be divided by a single darkness, the light of donation, the light of power, and the light of hope.

During all these holidays we can not see the great failure that gave him all his life, but the six I hope life rtalan thin. Do not look at the death of the soldiers, who in addition to the recognition, but the hope of the children live a life full of joy at the freedom of the preserved battlefield. Do not look at the loss but on the winning celebration through your trembling hand and heart to build the power and maturity of your ability. Let every lossy lesson bring you closer to understanding, to each other, and to the importance of reaching the wife, the withdrawal, and the one with the other.

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