Eminem – Short biography

Eminem's story is similar to his songs, needs little censorship. Some people do not necessarily meet those who are too young, but here I find it important to look at why her music sounds so angry, so Eminem himself. Everywhere you look hard in his life with an unstable cruel mother, his well-known and sparkling relationship with his wife Kim, you see that Eminem is dead about what he knows. He is the subject of his life and does not object. But hard training has led to stardom, as read in magazines such as The Source and XXL. Eminem built a modest beginning and career.

Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers) was born on October 17, 1972 in Missouri, Kansas City, where he lived for twelve years until he moved to Detroit. She had never had a good chance of moving her friends every second month, because her mother continued to evade the pay gap. Eminem went to school until the 9th grade, where she was three times unsuccessful before she left. He then continued to strive for the record contract to make her famous. While trying to achieve his goal, little Haile Jade Scott was born on December 25, 1995, longtime girlfriend Kim Scott. (Eminem's homepage) Eminem was born in the 97th Rap-Olympics at the rap-born girl, bringing 1,500 to 1st place. Eminem came angrily in the second, desperately needed the money because he did not know that some manufacturers had seen him out of Interscope. Finally, he had the opportunity to show that Dr. Dre was made, Dr. Dre was so impressed that Eminem listened freely to the Los Angeles radio station to give the people to Michigan. (Eminem website) is a famous rap producer who wanted to open Eminem's door. The two players immediately ripped off and recorded four music in the first six hours there – three that led to their first LP. (Eminem Bio.) Now officially, Marshall and Dre have their second LP. The album became Marshall Mathers LP and won 3 Grammys and was the first rap album ever to be called the "Album of the Year" and sold more than 8 million records in the United States. (Eminem Bio.) Eminem continues to be successful with the partners who have begun her career, although they continue to face many difficult times between the media, her mother, and the long conflict between them and her girlfriend. After they broke up, they were obviously still talking about it, or about having a relationship with their daughter for Hailie's sake, who means more to Eminem than anybody in the world in this life. I wanted to go to Kim and Hailie family and raise my daughter to the right path and I did not cut it like my dad, for me. My family is all I've ever fought and everything I've ever tried to defend. The only thing I was scared was getting lost from my little girl. (Chuck Weiner) Eminem, however, was afraid of raising a family and was not sure if he had enough money or did he know. When my daughter was born, I was so scared that I could not raise and support her like a father. There was nothing in her first two Christmas, but it was the last Christmas when she turned around and received so many fcsin gifts under her tree, then opened it: "Is this for me too?" My daughter did not have a silver spoon in her mouth. But now there is one! (Chuck Weiner) Eminem can not help but ruin her daughter to feel that her mother has treated her in a daunting manner. If my mother is pretty cruel, knowing that she did not help me to get there, try to get it out of my mouth and my daughter's mouth, try to take it for whatever I'm up to, I will not be back on the album. She was always out to get caught, and now she knows I have some money, so she does not leave her alone. I know this is not a good thing with your mother, but unfortunately true. (Chuck Weiner) Eminem is so hated by her mother that she has recovered in her life over the years, doing all she can to make Hailie happy and keep a healthy relationship between them. Her mother, however, does not seem to forgive repentance because of all the grief and trouble she has thrown away.

Eminem has been psychologically turning 360 degrees all his life. He never met his father with fights and confusion with his mother to be one of the greatest success stories in rap history. The best example of Eminems' fury management after he started to rise was the opinion of people who said "white, why bounce" and "go play the rock and the role" and say he was angry and angry and stressed the whole text. Eminem was probably born as a kid who had no chemical imbalance, but after his mother exposed him to so much hell after he was raised, he could have a chemical inequality and could not control certain feelings he felt when people were not respected. When he appears on TV, he looks as if he is always sad about something, always bothering him that he can not be proud of his happy joys where he is and everything he has with his childhood and encountered his friends, family, and rivals with his recent terrible interactions.