Duke Basketball Training Program – Secret Insider Tips in Prince's Jumping Training System

Duke basketball has always reigned and is simple. Great shot, good defense and crazy jump heights made Duke nearly unmatched by college basketball. Here are some insider secrets that got Jump Kings that they are still today

. Dumbbell Jump Squat

This is a very simple exercise, and if you succeed, you can increase your vertical position at least 5 inches in the first 2 weeks. Here are the details:

Stand with your feet with shoulder width, in both hands a dumbbell. Choose a weight that feels comfortable. Bend your knees and throw your ass up to the floor until your top of your thigh is parallel to the floor. From this position you explode up and jump as high as you can. Repeat the process immediately after landing.

This exercise must be done every other day, at least 40 repetitions per day. Clear results will be displayed in the first week

. Bench Step-Ups

Stand on a bench with a bench on the bench, knees bent 90 degrees, and the other leg was planted on the floor. Now use the foot on the bench to lift your weight on the bench to stand up straight to the bench. On the bench, lift the knee on the floor to the waist height. Let him go back to the ground.

This exercise must be repeated with both legs at least 30 reps. Try this at least 3 days a week, but not the Dumbbell Jump Squats days.

3. Glute Slide

Glute slide to Duke is the simplest workout. You just sit on a wooden floor where you can slide and your feet can be on the ground with a slightly bent knee. Starting from this position, you simply start sliding back and pushing yourself with your feet.

This exercise greatly enhances your quad power and builds the window.