College Basketball History Part 1

The term "college basketball" refers typically to the National College Athletics Association (NCAA). The first recorded college ball game was held between Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, Geneva College and New Brighton YMCA on April 8, 1893, and the first intercolial game was played two years later. Here, Minnesota State Agricultural School (now Minnesota University) defeated Hamlin College with a score of 9-3. A year later I played the first game in the current 5 player format in Iowa City (Iowa). The first television college game between Pittsburgh and Fordham took place in 1940 at Madison Square Garden.

In the twentieth century, At the beginning of the century, college teams had enough to start basketball tournaments and NCAA was founded in 1906 in Chicago. The first NCAA tournament was played by more than 5500 fans, which was held in Evanston in 1939 (Oregon won 46: 33 in the State of Ohio).

Another tournament, the National Invitation Tournament, was also very important at that time and was considered to be of the same high standard as the NCAA. However, in the 1950s, NCAA was dominant and the NIT became a demonstration for teams that were not talented and could not build the NCAA championship. He still played at Madison Square Garden today.