China in the Olympics or "Chinese Olympics"

2008th On August 24, China, the 2008 Beijing Olympic hosts, 100 medals were stabbed with a staggering number of medals. This was the first time in the history of the Olympic Games that the Americans became a sporting nation. The Chinese contingent won a staggering 51 gold medals, 15 more than US athletes.

Since the establishment of the 1896 Olympics, the US has always been one of the top three winning contingents and has ended several times on top. Occasionally, the US contingent almost doubled the gold medal as the second-placed team. But this was the trend until China began participating in the Olympic Games.

After returning to the 1984 Olympics, after their first participation in 1952, China slowly reached the top of the coins. Of the 5 games won in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, China won 51 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. For the first time since the 1980s, the US boycotted the Moscow Olympics, a country emerged from the US in the number of gold medals.

While the US gold medal values ​​were the same (36) in the last three Olympics, China has steadily improved its performance, almost doubling the gold medal (28) at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. This is the result of a useless approach to sport that was adopted by the Chinese site. Hiring of the best foreign coaches, local coaches, and talent research at young age are regular initiatives at the China Olympic Committee (COC). Athletes and trainees receive the best training opportunities and regular exposure to international events, develop and test their skills.

Over the last decade, China has not only pursued the supremacy of the traditions dominated by sports; but he also went for sports that were once regarded as American and European bastions. China has its own terrain, such as gymnastics, diving and shooting, once ruled by Russia. 23 gold medals went from these three categories to the 2008 Olympic Games. At the same time, Chinese athletes came back with gold medals in sports such as weightlifting and shooting, which have so far been the fortifications of Eastern Europe.

China is the venue for the Baseball and Basketball team, which has received a secure US gold medal now. The performance of the Chinese baseball team at the 2008 Games' Games had nothing to write. Furthermore, the basketball team has not made a major breakthrough. Nonetheless, it seems that China will surely win a medal in these sports, on the upcoming Games. We see a number of Chinese players in commerce, the NBA, and the American baseball tournament to improve their play with the best games. In fact, many Chinese players have become the climax of the American baseball and basketball team.

Another interesting development was that the Chinese became a somewhat neglected sport in the Olympic Games. For example, the women's tennis event rarely saw the best tennis stars. China, very cleverly placed two teams in this discipline at the 2004 Athens Olympics, and returned a gold medal.

He does not stop here. China has built strong troops and sent other disciplines such as swimming, cycling, archery and hockey. In fact, China came to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Tournament in all these sports. In addition to this, China's dominance in sports is like badminton, table tennis, judo and taekwondo. All this shows that China has made systematic efforts to move out of the US as a superpower of sport.

Compare this with 1 gold medal and 2 bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. !! We are listening?