Cheerleading tournaments

Cheerleading competitions have become very popular sporting events. All over the world, cheerful squatters show their dance movement and routines in the hope of winning the state and national recognition and prizes. Most contestants come from schools, but some rotten teams are not related to any school or sport. They develop on the basis of their abilities, such as gymnastics, and learn routines only for rivalry. This area has triggered a debate in the labeling process as a sport or an activity.

Great pompom competitions are held every year at various venues, only those cheerleaders who performed well at local events were able to compete. Among them, more of these major competitions are broadcast via ESPN. They also show interviews with those who compete and discuss the risk of injuries in races.

With the introduction of cheerleading competitions, it has become a huge industry for millions of millions of dollars, instead of just learning a few songs and seeking interest in pep rallies and sporting events. There are complicated gymnastics and dance moves, as well as pyramids and other exciting plans.

It's unbelievable how much time and commitment they're getting to prepare for a pompom race. Depending on the level of qualifications required, the team can spend up to 20 hours a week, only by exercising the 3 or 4 minute routine that will be implemented. While this is a passion and commitment, many people are also worried about spending too much time and energy on something so trivial.

The number of injuries to be prepared and underway is growing at an alarming rate. Emergency officers are at least 25 000 injuries a year. Some deaths have also occurred in rare cases of training such events.

Since the area of ​​cheerleading competition generates great revenue for those who promote it and so many people are willing to take part, as well as a huge viewer base, I think the stunning races will stay here. The shocks and the movements become more complex and original, as every team tries to set something up that is awesome for judges.