Billion Dollar Basketball Player

When playing basketball, Michael Jordan is the best player. However, you will soon be able to move. LeBron James is not billions, but billions. Recognizes China's explosive growth potential and wants action. China is one of the most dynamically growing markets in the world. The NBA is increasingly basketball with the NBA style – Chinese culture.

Nike paid millions to keep their ads in Asia. They pay millions of dollars to develop a culture of Nike clothing purchase. Recently in Sapparo, Japan, Nike has made basketball fans business. The event coincided with the basketball world championship. The event was only a Lebron James poster.

Journalists were brought to Lebron James. This was done in groups. First, Chinese journalists were given the face of time King James, then the Japanese journalists were the line. This whole scene brought light to King James, who now became the billionaire of the first athlete. You should concentrate much of this attention on Asia.

The annual billion-dollar industry explodes in Asia. Retailers are all over China. What do James think of all this? In a recent interview, he said, "I'm always telling you and telling my friends and teams that you have to go globally in basketball and the business world." Whether it is from the sky or not, LeBron James sees this goal very deliberately.

LeBron James is a new company, LRMR Marketing. Asia, especially China and Japan, are great targets for the company. They work hard to increase LeBron's exposure to next year's Beijing Olympics. Now you know why you're so attached to LeBron for the Olympic Basketball Team. He was good at his business. What about the army?

When asked why he joined the team, Lebron James said, "I'm just going to help my business, Rebook-Adidas does not sit back and watch, but is the protagonist of Asia – Yao Ming, is just starting to warm up and LeBron James also reports that they are learning some Mandarin Chinese.