Better way to keep basketball statistics

Do you think the kid needs to play in the NBA? Want to keep your basketball stats? Are you high school or kid basketball coach and would you like to prepare your team more efficiently? Looking for a lightweight method? Technology can help!

If you answer yes to any question, you probably think seriously about basketball. If so, you know how important it is to know that players are working in court. I bet you sit on the stalls with a note book that is shot, bounced, free throws and team bets.

Notebooks can do the trick, but soon you can find out that you have sent your entire time from the notebook to the spreadsheet or manually dropped the computer statistics on your notebook. We live in the digital age and have time to think digitally in order to maintain the statistics.

There are several ways to use this, some high-tech, and some are not so high-tech. If you have a laptop or netbook, you can easily take the games and put the statistics into a spreadsheet. Only a little work can be done to create a spreadsheet that works for you, track the statistics you want to track, the players in the team you want to track them, and even calculate percentages based on statistics. If you like, you can also create a "workbook" for multiple pages, each for each game, season statistics on the first or last page of the book.

Those who are a bit technical may choose to use databases like Microsoft Access to store statistics. Using Access, you can create input screens that look exactly the way you want them to be viewed, making it easier to do this, and then store the results in a database where every percent calculation can be done quickly and many including graphs and graphs. Using Access, we could even export statistics from individual players to a spreadsheet, so at the end of the year each of them would have a record of how each game was executed.

While these two solutions work and are effective, it is difficult to bring a portable computer to toys that pose a risk to people eating food and drinks and falling into the thrill of the game or injuring them. So is there another way? Is the way of storing and calculating statistics without a laptop, but you can still avoid the notebook? Sure! Today's smart phones are powerful tools that can run real applications on them. You probably already take the phone with you, and the phones now have plenty of storage space. We already use phones for a variety of purposes like conversation. We make texts, make pictures, listen to music, use calendars, and even keep their contacts. Why not use your smartphone to track basketball statistics?