Basketball Training: Team Motivation

Some of us return from practice and wonder, "Why did Johnny decide on basketball team if he did not want to try it?" We spend so much time and energy on frustration and struggle to get the players to reach an optimum level during the game.

I think it can be summed up in a common sports clause:

"In practice, you play as you play."

Too many players do not take practice seriously and are joking and do not deal with the task. They do not pay attention to practice and are reflected in the game, court or arena. What makes the problem worse is the fact that these players often adversely affect the attitudes and fitness of others.

So, how do you motivate all the players in the basketball team to practice hard? First of all, accept that there will always be at least one bad apple. The key limits the amount of influence a player can play in the rest of the basketball teammates.

Here are some other ways the basketball team can motivate hard and hard:

o Basketball Team Basketball Efforts – Often times, their peers are the best incentives. You do not have to break the whip with a particular player and the player needs to be raised more than the other. Simply motivate your basketball team to reward them when the entire basketball team is working hard during the exercises and the games.

If their basketball teams do not want to work, and other basketball teams omit rewards or even worse, you have to do more in practice, you can bet that the person hears from the players. I would suggest that there is often a motivation for most players to be consistent with practice.

o Define a Goal with the Basketball Team Before Each Game – In hockey, each of the basketball team members has the goal of being good at every stage. If the basketball team reached that goal, they were rewarded.

The goal is as simple as winning the game or the various basketball team skills are effective – even loss-making. As a coach, you can find many goals that a basketball team is trying to achieve during a game or even a practice to encourage players.

Tell them the importance of practice – Use all kinds of coaching tactics for this. Let's start by making other basketball teams ready for them, so they have to work hard and well for the other basketball teams. You can tell them that improving skills is crucial to bringing the basketball team up to the next level.

There are literally dozens of different motivational tactics that coaches can use to showcase the basketball team showing the importance of practice. The only thing that should not be done is negative. Always be positive with the approach. Players often do not respond to negative comments.

o Entertainment in Practice – Set the example early that the exercises will work, but they will also be entertaining. This way, the player knows that during practice they can feel good, but they also entertain themselves.

This is especially important for youngger players. At this level, you are trying to maintain excitement and enjoyment for players who are likely to learn only games. To see and hear a coach that is negative and yells and the exercises are not fun, you probably will not see them for much longer. If they stay there, they probably will not get much of it.

Simple Encouragement – You do not believe how positive a stimulus and a player's story is when they go well. This is incredible. Think back when you play as an athlete and hear that your coach says, "It's great to steal Joe," or "how to get a quick ball from Jenny."

All these comments will help. They help a lot more than humiliating or angry players. No one wants to work hard for a coach who plays against his players during the practice or during a game. Players such as coaches who have a positive reinforcement, a good coach, and a good example to win.

It's not always easy to practice a basketball team motivated by practice, but this is where you need to start – especially when you want to get motivations for the games. Creating this motivation is that players and the basketball team must have some positive goals – the positive coach mentality is the best way to be the most motivated of the basketball team.