Basketball Training Powerful Workout – Hardcore Routine – Only the First String

Conditioning / Preseason

This training begins on the track and needs to be done six days a week. If possible, leave a 2-hour break between the field training and the gym workout if you can.

On the pitch

The two 800 must run in 2 minutes 15 seconds with a 2 minute break between the two 800s. ] Each of the four 400 will have to run 1 minute every 10 seconds with a 1 minute break between the four 400s.

Eight 200 will have to run hard in less than 22 seconds, with a 1 minute break between all runs.

Ten 100s must all run hard with a break of 30 seconds between each run

This training refers to those who want to bring basketball to the highest level, not for casual or weekend training. This is a dormitory and only a professional basketball. But some high school predecessors can use it in some cases. Within a minute, the 10 10 row drill tower will start from baseline to a starting point within 10 minutes within 10 minutes.

rest for two minutes

10 5-row drilling machine in thirty seconds, from baseline to setpoint five to thirty seconds or less.

15 Suicide as much as possible

Jump on the rope for a total of 10 minutes.

left foot triangle, one minute to make a triangle with his left foot while bouncing on the rope.

right leg triangle, same as above.

both feet are triangles the same as above.

jump in place for 2 minutes.

Rest for 2 minutes and repeat the rope tip again.

Drill drilling begins with the partner, first in the weakest area, and the rest becomes lighter.

Three people weave


Five Five (During Play)

20pt drill

Get this training for four weeks and you'll be at the top of your game.