Basketball teams have prized options

The team does not have to stop a general trophy for each player in their daily practice, both in practice and in the game, for their outstanding daily reward, which each player needs to give as he mixes on the school stage. This year, we issue prizes that teammates proudly present, whether medals, trophies or plaques

Here are some ideas for personalized prizes:

Most Valuable Player

Rebound King / Queen

Obtained [19659002] Sportsmanship. This is often more important than the day of a skilled game.

Best team player. This fee differs from MVP, as this is not necessarily the best player in the team for the statistics, but the character that best performs the team.

Unsung Hero. Many players who can not be # 1 or # 2, or # 5, but who have their personalities and actions really pushed to the team. Respect them

Most Assists

Best Defensive Player

Coaches' Fee. Coaches rarely recognize their hard work. While taking care of the players' practice, training and prizes, you can thank them for everything.

Give coin, plaquette or trophy for the best performers, motivators and hardworking workers as a complement to the team. The best way to see who is doing it? Listen carefully to the players during drill practice and keep track of who is playing not only the best but also the day of the game. Trophies are not just for the winning players or the winning teams, but for all those who have helped differentiate.

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