Basketball story It started in the 1800's

Basketball play has a long way to go. In the 1800's, basketball was played indoors and all the different sports rules. The game was played by nine players, but shortly thereafter, and each player had five players. The game was flying in the country, and although women did not have much right at this time, they also played. The first game they ever played was played in the YMCA, but the court was half as big as it was now. [19] In the 1900's, most of the dormitories played basketball and popularity grew by storms, creating a large number of teams in smaller cities in large cities. At that time, someone finally invented basketball. The first woman college to allow the game in Massachusetts. After talking about the basketball game, many teams have surfaced playing across the country. Later, basketball becomes a formal Olympic sport. The National Basketball Association has recently become popular and in the late 1940s 17 teams joined the association.

The rules of the game have drastically changed over the years. The score was considered to earn the team points in each basket. The rules came from the rules of the child's play. A player stands near the basket and keeps it when the other player throws the ball to try to make the basket. At this time the guard could not reach anyone else in the game. Wherever they caught the ball, they had to be thrown there. The player could not run with the ball, and if the ball did not jump, he could drop the game again and anyone who caught it was not just a team member. The last player who touched the ball before the ball went out and retrieved the game. The free throw line was fifteen feet from his hair but later changed to 20 meters.

Although at this time other sports did not allow African Americans to play or play with their teams. They did not allow them to play against a white team. However, basketball was the only sport that allowed integrated teams. Basketball did not create racial problems with fans or other teams. This game was always accessible to everyone. Players such as Shanty Barnett and Al Price had a huge impact on the game. It's not about the game designed or designed. It was the fact that the war continued and all the precious white players fought in the war. The game itself needed players and African-American players to impress fans, teammates and champions.

Basketball went on, and even at the time when it was first invented, it could grow. The National Basketball Association thought something might be great. It did not matter to coaches and fans that he was a game lover.

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