Basketball skills

Basketball is one of the most complex sports. To acquire this sport, it combines hand combinations, speed, power, agility, and most importantly the willpower. For the amateur this sport is very difficult to play, especially against the slightly tough competition. I was playing basketball since I was four and playing at the dormitory level. I have some tips on the basic skills of the game that the amateur can use to increase his play.

first Dripping

Most amateur wants to be able to handle the ball like Allen Iverson, and whatever "shakes and bakes" his opponent, but this ability can be overestimated. Basic dribbling skills are all that is needed for a player. The game can handle the ball with both hands without bumping into your control. One of the greatest players in the history of basketball, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Larry Bird and Reggie Miller were not the best ball players

. Shot

The goal of the basketball game is to place the ball in the circle. In my eyes this is the most important physical skill in court. In the history of the game, the biggest players are able to shoot basketball and at a very high level. While Ray Allen was not a great ball manager, he was prepared for his ability to shoot the ball better than anyone else; he holds the three-point admission record for the NBA. This ability can be taught and improved because it is a little mechanical. While someone can not be a good shooter, the ability can be repeated overtime by repetition.

3rd Protection

Maybe the simplest ability in the basketball game. Regardless of the level of the other categories, this category can replace the other ineffectiveness. This ability requires good foot motion and mobility to stay in front of your opponent, as well as jumping ability to block and change shots. Learning this ability almost guarantees a guy in someone's team during a pickup game, everyone likes the person who likes to defend.

4th passing

Maybe the most underrated in the game today. Surrender requires where the teammates are in court and the intuition of where they will be, once you have let go. This is a difficult skill to master, many basketball experts say you are a great trainer or not. As the biggest basketball basketball player, Magic Johnson felt that someone was in the courtroom and knew exactly who was in basketball to achieve the optimum success of the person

. Mental hardness

By far the most important skill you absolutely need before you go to any basketball game. A basketball game can be from the garbage basket, dirty game from opponents and tightly played games. A strong-minded mentality is needed to endure these intangible assets. The basketball game's eyes are strong enough, and sometimes many opponents cross the line while doing so because it's about reacting and losing yourself. I'm guilty of trashing that I'm talking about my opponents several times, this is the simplest way for your opponent to give up and retire from the race. With this mental favor in the court there is nothing you can not overcome.

If you have more skills than currently in each category, you can become a better player and enjoy more of this great game.