Basketball Shooting Drills for One Person – 3 Big Solo Basketball Drills

The basketball drill is a great way to improve shooting accuracy and reliability, but many of them are having trouble teaming up with pairs or triads. In this article, I can share with you such great individual basketball drills that you can do almost anywhere you can.

Bump And Move

Select 5 locations that are on the wrong track. Of course, the central location will be on the right, but the others will be slightly ahead of you because the diagonal shots will automatically be longer.

I'll admit you're getting a little bit mixed up before moving on to the next place. It can be annoying if you can not catch it, but that's all part of the learning process.

One Handed Flick

Stay back in a lying chair or at the end of the bed. Somewhere where you can still extend your hand a little distance behind your head.

Now throw the ball vertically up and take it back into your hand. This is more appropriate to the weight of the ball. This is extremely important because a good shot is not just about hand-eye coordination. It's also a question of knowing exactly how much force you need to use because you know the bullet properties.

Installing a Free Drill

This drill is very fun because it has many variants. Start on the wrong track and make 5 layups with your favorite hand. Then do five more with your other hand. Finally, shoot 10 regular free throws. You need to get at least 7 or start again.

This drill is great for simulating real-world conditions and making it more natural with its non-dominant hand. Too many players are just one hand. If you shape your ability to shoot almost the same with your other hand, it will be a great tool for any team.