Basketball Positions – The Outstanding Championships

How many different basketball courts are there and what are they doing? If you ask this question, read reading because all the basketball situations break down and the role that is needed for any person who is playing the game

Point Guard

Point Defender; Position 1 is usually a player with the best basketball skills and in many cases counts as a team leader. Compared to football, the role of point defenders is a quarterback role. It is basically the role of a team captain and is responsible for maximizing the team's efficiency and obtaining as many tools as possible. His favorite NBA Point Guards are Pete Maravich, AI (Allen Iverson), Jason Williams (when he played for Sacramento Kings, he always looked cheerfully), and Steve Nash. Generally, the score is usually smaller, usually 6 "high school balls and the common size in the NBA is 6 & # 39; 4". There is an occasional point guard that exceeds this common standard, such as LeBron James 6 & # 8; 8 and occasionally plays a guard.


Shootout, 2nd position for the team's best shooter A good shooter must be able to shoot a wide range of shots, ranges, shots, mid bumper and up to 3 shots. Shooting should also have the ability to dripping well and passing through to shoot

Little Forward

For Little Forward: Position 3, One of the 5 Basketball Positions is the Easiest One That's Due to the fact that a little forward-looking role resembles the game as a force forward or even a shot. The little forward s and keepers of the shot positions may be the same in some cases

Forward Power

The forward power.; position 4, low downfall with small boys, and in some cases ups and downs of lower blocks. Power before it is usually referred to as post position. A good forward-looking ability will be able to stand up to the lower blocks and be able to play back in the basket. In addition, progress in defense generally plays on low blocks in the zone or holds the opponent's 4th team.


The center; position 5, usually referred to as "pivot", usually plays near the starting point or anywhere near the basket. The highest player is usually delighted with this basketball. The center usually relies on the fact that it is quite a big thing to change the basket for points and rebounds. It is a high, high athletic center with a skill, which is an indispensable tool for a team.