Basketball – play before the games

Everything you need to do is work and play, where you know you want to get to the hardwood and do some serious work, you have to do 2 things – to warm up and stretch.

Anyone who doubts that warm-up and pre-stretching is essential should look closest to the NBA game. When the 5 starters of each team are cried, players are already sweating from warming up and stretching. Most of them have been in court for more than an hour, preparing for the game.

I think he is the one he really wants to know why warming and stretching are so important. Well, the answer is simple. Warming increases blood flow to the muscles, warms them up and is ready for exercises while stretching reheats warming and also serves to make the muscles soft and soft.

This process is a great analogy with a rubber. The cold tire is not elastic, difficult to deform and stretches. If they go further, the cooling of the freezer in the freezer makes the squeegee easier. This is the state of the muscles before warming and stretching.

Tumble warming makes it easier to bend and stretch while it is very difficult to break. Think of a blu-tack. If you try to wipe a piece from the package, it's reliably easy. But after the tension, it will typically warm up again and again, and you know it reaches far enough. The warming muscle will be like a warm rubber. Now that it is warm, it is difficult to stretch too far because the stretching capacity is greatly increased. The risk of injury decreased as the performance of the game increased.

For exercise, muscle filling is also important to enter the game. After you have shot a little bit, not only your body is getting warmed up for the game, but it is in your mind game mode. The basketball zone suddenly sees the court with a cleaner eye.

Do not forget – sweat your muscles around jogging or shooting. After you start sweating a bit, you have to go to the stage. Fixing this will improve game performance and reduce the risk of injury.