Basketball over the years

I've been playing basketball for the first time since I was 9 years old by my older brothers. My eldest brother taught me the basics of basketball like dribbling and shooting. It was a talented basketball; He also joined the barangay basketball tournaments and won several MVP awards. I've always watched the games and are more interested in the game.

It was 1996 when the NBA Chicago Bulls was the highest-ranking Michael Jordan at the team. This was the time I looked at most of my games. I've done more to become a great basketball player than Michael Jordan. Unfortunately I'm not so good and not quite athletic enough to be just a basketball. I also joined some of the Barangay League, but I'm on one of the bench guys. Although I'm not good at basketball, I still love basketball.

I saw Michael Jordan's last three NBA championships and I was so glad I knew that my basketball idol won. After Michael Jordan played down last season on the NBA, I watched and played only a few basketball games in the area. In a few years, he's waiting for another NBA Superstar, which can renew my interest in the NBA. A few years later, Michael Jordan announced that he would return to the NBA in a new team at the Washington Wizards. He only played two seasons with the wizards and played in an old age, but he is still a good player, but not the way he played in the 90's. After these two seasons, he announced his third NBA retirement.

After a few years, a new Superstar emerges from the NBA under the name Lebron James. Cleveland Cavaliers was number 23 with my NBA idol, Michael Jordan. Although not like Michael Jordan, it's still fun to watch. Lebron James is great at both ends of the floor, he is a selfless player. Conducting his team matches and the NBA Finals and winning some NBA MVP awards. Even if you went to Miami Heat, I was still watching the game. He won the MVP award for the 2011-2012 season and won MVP at the NBA Champions League in Miami Heat in his first NBA Finals.

I've been watching NBA so far and I always like basketball.