Basketball – How to play basketball with Feeling

Great shooting game in the mind. If you really want to be a great shooter, you must learn to prepare your mind for the feelings of each shot. The next steps assume that they've been on the basics of shooting and want to work to improve the shot.

first Step 4: Before shooting the ball, make sure the ball is good. Put your hand behind the bullet and rest your tips with your finger (not palm). The tip of your finger can control the ball better than your palm.

2nd Step: Find a place you want to shoot and use your fingertips to direct the basketball to the basket. While shooting the basketball is the same as your finger. Keep in mind that with your finger tips basketball does not affect your palm.

3rd Step 2: If you try to shoot, try to remember the feeling and capture it. Then repeat the steps. The key is a good reputation and your mind is used to feel the throwing of basketball. The most powerful weapon in the basketball court.

I would practice this only at one point. Then, when you feel comfortable and feel your shot, I start to move and pull up the dribble. But as you do, I can not emphasize enough to make every shot. If you learn to shoot from inside, it will be a great shooter.