Basketball – Game Variations

Basketball is a fun sport for all ages to play. If you do not find enough players for a full game, there are many variations for just 2 players. You can play on a 1-on-1, 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 half-way basketball that has the same rules as regular basketball or you can make more creative and try one of these: [19659002] 21 : 21, two or more players compete for 21 points first. First "breaks", or they all make a free shot to see who starts the game. There are no specific groups in 21; each player tries to protect his arm from one of the attackers. Shooters are able to collect their own rebounds. If a defender gets a rebound, he has to remove the ball before the shot. The basket is worth 2 points and the player gets 1 point for a free throw until it runs out when the game continues normally.

Slamball : This full-featured basketball game plays with trampolines. The basket is fitted with foam or other padding, and there are four trampolines in diamond shape on the floor. The game is normal until it reaches the free throw bar where you jump to the trampolines for slam excuses.

42 : Goal 42 gets 42 points for his team. This can be achieved by shooting from the corners (4 points) or the end of the free throw line (3 points). There are two people on each team, so one of the bouts in one shot goes into the other basket where the ball bounces back. If you can pass the ball before touching the ground, you can gain additional points. However, if a balloon is thrown, 1 point will be deducted. Version 42 is a shooting game that has no movement. Each corner has 1 player and 1 on each side of the free throw line 1 from each basket 1. Go back and forth to keep the game. The same score values ​​apply.

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