Basketball Defense – Three Tips for Beginners

Obviously, how important is the protection of basketball. Like a crime, it is a word related to the game, and that's a topic. It is so cruel that fans are constantly screaming when their team does not have a ball. Even though this word is constantly present, not every beginner and coach concentrate on it.

One of the possible reasons why the concept is underestimated is the overwhelming obsession to get more points. Fame and maybe luck are waiting for the fastest player. The shallow game analysis places additional emphasis on the one who has made the most of it. This is when people forget that in most cases it is equally important to guard the ball.

Defensive basketball strategies are used by teams to limit an opponent's team's point. This means that a team does not need to score more than a hundred points, only to make sure that the other team does not even get it. Here are three tips to help the teams get to the top of the game.

# 1 – The statement and the balance of everything.

You must give the right form and position to prevent the opponent from scoring and balancing. In addition, the right position puts you in the best position to steal the ball whenever you can. The proper basketball defense is based on bending your knees to place the player's header on the attacking player's chest. The legs should be designed according to the shoulder width. If you choose this position, players are least likely to lose balance if you have them. The feet and hands are faced with the dominant hand of the other player a bit ahead to prepare for the act when it is possible to steal.

# 2 – Watch out for the ball.

When almost everyone's eyes are on the ball manager, they can easily forget all other players on the pitch. This can be one of the worst mistakes the teams can do. Defensive basketball goes beyond focusing on the person. The responsibility covers all other players. After the ball passes, less guarded teams get a good shot.

# 3 – Press against the opponent.

The game is stretched to seduce the loose. This may reflect the player's facial expression and loosened position. The defensive team must not make the mistake of lurking in front of the attacking team. From the beginning to the end, focus on the opponent. Pressure can be presented in various ways, from the use of awesome facial expressions to employ a powerful frontal and leg position to limit the movement, transfer, or shoot ability of opponents.

This is just a few basic tips for good defense in basketball. However, these must be sufficient to emphasize the importance of this element. Just as newcomers have to convince their firing skills, they also need to be tightened to protect them better.