Air Jordans

In 1984, the Nike Athletic Shoe Company went through roughly. The jogging faded from the 1970s cooled down, aerobics warmed up and consumers were looking for companies like Reebok and LA Gear to meet their new athletic shoe needs. Nike was forced to drastically reduce the number of sponsored athletes and to lay off 10 percent of the 4,000 staff. The company needed something drastic to revamp the flailing image.

Enter Air Jordan. This new shoe was designed for basketball and it did not run – it took fresh air for Nike's picture. First of all, shoes introduced a new exciting technology. Air Nike shoes were trapped within the foot of the shoe. Their goal was to revolutionize the production of basketball shoes. Secondly, by signing a deal with the relatively unknown novice Michael Jordan at that time, Nike tried to change the face of the brand. Instead of middle-aged joggers, Nike was one of the most dynamic athletic talents in the world. Jordan paid $ 2.5 million for a five-year contract, plus royalties, and because his success turned over, Nike could be seen on the basketball floor.

The fact that the NBA kicked out of the Air Jordans (the red and black colors of the shoes froze the NBA dress code) only made the shoes more popular. Michael Jordan, however, wore the shoe and paid $ 5,000 in fines for black and red Air Jordans to reach the floor of basketball. Nike liked to pick up the bill.

Air Jordans was so popular that the first two deliveries of Air Jordan shoes to the Los Angeles outlet were betrayed in three days. In 1985, in three months, Nike sold the sale of Air Jordan throughout the year.

Jump for 2009 and have over 25 versions of Air Jordan shoes and numerous Michael Jordan inspired Nike clothing. Shoes are consistently the best sellers. Despite this astonishing success, some criticisms have been raised on Air Jordan's line. Some have argued that Nike's ad for Air Jordan targets young people in downtown. Numerous killers in the 1990s with more expensive Nike shoes made it clear that shoes were packed in drug and band culture and that Nike had profited from drug money sales.