Air Jordan shoes – Resuming the legacy

In the shoe marketing history, no other basketball shoes could change the face of the business like the Jordanian brand shoes. On the wire is the saying that, in honor of the Michael Jordan / Air Jordan shoe set, only 23 versions of Air Jordan shoes would be made to extend Mike's recognition and recognition. So when Nike finally released the 23rd release, they were definitely expecting it to be so faded and notorious as the descendants of Jordan's brand. The latest addition does not disappoint both decision-makers and consumers how much crowd they really have found out. The color of the shoe is a result of Mike's new business, hobby and passion, Jordan Motorsport's prestige.

This is a smooth design and of course it is linked to Mike's always famous number 23 award for a guaranteed seat on the Air Jordan shoe line. After the first impression, the shoe boasted the appearance of pro motorsport. The graphics of the particular Air Jordan shoes were not satisfied for the first time, but fans of harder basketball shoes did not grow up for a moment.

This Air Jordan basketball shoe was also the first shoe that was produced and released under the "Consideration" ethos. This is Nike's goal of minimizing waste and implementing environmentally-friendly tools.

Jordan 23 was released three times until the beginning of January, and was completed in February 2009. The first round was the limited edition Jordan shoes, which only had to be sent to twenty-three retailers. Can be sold for $ 230. The ending of the launch of the shoe was when Nike took over the national level and thus gained only a couple of customers. We've heard the rumors all year round that Air Jordan 23 will end up with the numbered Air Jordan shoes, and now it seems that this is actually the truth.

Of course, they were whispering at Nike to withdraw the Jordan sneaker line. The company's officials and Michael Jordan did not have much to say about these unsubstantiated reports. It turned out that everyone has a good reason to be so silent about the subject. As for the new series of Air Jordan shoes coming out of 2009 and 2010, I look forward to seeing what the Jordan brand and Nike are going to do.