Air Jordan shoes and rising in the fashion world

At the beginning of 1984, the famous Nike shoes brand, which we see today everywhere, is struggling. They had been huge last year, but as the roar of running shoes began to die, Nike had to figure out something new and something new to make sure the company was at the top of the industry. At this time Michael Jordan had supported some other companies, and Nike saw it as a "Golden Ticket" for their success, and he signed it. Of course, at this moment Michael Jordan did not know when this was going to grow, but his agent noticed the opportunity to sign a contract with Nike. After that, many shoes were known as Air Jordans. As soon as Nike got Michael, he introduced her name and the first style and color set she had created. During the MJ conference, his agent and Nike's staff did not look so good, and Michael said that he had a bored facial expression. Representatives of Nike, where they were worried, but as soon as they left the meeting, Michael said he wanted to take part in this business. After Michael chose to formally enter into this contract, Nike signed a $ 2.5 million contract for five years, plus royalties and other benefits, and that was the whole "shoe game" changed. At that time many basketball shoes were simple and white, but not the new Air Jordan 1, where they are bold black and red. Now, of course, this is a huge change, but it has paid close attention to the spectators, even so that the NBA banned the shoe in the league. However, this did not prevent Michael from wearing them, but all the games he wore had NBA paid $ 5,000 for Michael. This fine was paid by Nike and paid less attention to them because their shoes had a great deal of effort.

You think you're going to sell it with a huge exposure, like nothing else, but because of its steep prices, sales were not so good and Jordan looked like he left the deal. Hatfield stepped in and sat down at Michael to discuss a place where he wanted to see the design and the company. This was after Air Jordan II was released and under Air Jordan III's plans. With Michaels, the new Jordan III made them easier, and with better materials that they could sell cheaper. This was the turning point for Nike since the sky's sales

For many years at Nike, it was decided that Air Jordan Shoes would be best for Nike's sub-brand. The Jordans were no longer born on the shoes with Nike Swoosh or Nike, so the Jordan brand offers infinite opportunities to go from this point.

A brand that began on a hilly path to create one of the biggest influences on the shoe industry and to this day they are still wearing and praising their appearance. Now there are a lot more Air Jordan shoes that include Air Jordan 1, up to Air Jordans 24, which Michael Jordan played during the basketball career. If you want to buy some of your famous shoes, you will find it for most sneaker retailers today, and although they are coming at a little more expensive cost to the most beautiful shoes.

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