Air Jordan – How to Avoid Fake Jordan Shoes

Are you a big fan of Michael Jordan shoes like the Air Jordan series? Jordan Shoes is becoming more popular today, making more and more efforts that many black market makers make their time trying to make a fake product. These counterfeit products are not only harmful to the retail environment where consumers can lose their confidence in real purchases, but may put the economy in a worse position and thus create a problematic problem of cash flow in the real economy.

There are some practical tips to avoid this fake Jordan Shoes on the market and this will help identify what is authentic to avoid misleading fakes

. The first place to check production numbers. This can be done if the number on the internal number matches the number in the shoe box. This is a simple idea, but it's too easy to forget about the first on-site check before you go to the next steps.

2nd Only the original and the back can see the swoosh. They are the only Air Jordan that contains swoosh. The original 2 – 8s are also on the insole. If you find Nike swooshot outside of Air Jordan shoes, except shoes, you have to take care.

3rd Most Nike shoes only use standard brown paper. So if your shoes are wrapped in tissue, this can not be a real product.

4th Look at the Jumpman logo at the end of chrome lace when shoes come with them. Sometimes it's missing, but in most cases it's easy to find.

5th There is no such thing as orange Nike labels. Do not mix the glittering color that is just misleading.

6th Take care of many other different and beautiful colors. See the official model guide for a full list of Jordan Lists color charts. For example, there is one such as the Sponge Bob print Air Jordans, which is definitely false. The manufacturer never manufactures a product that may reduce the value of its own brand by mixing it with the wrong category, such as a cartoon character

. If you buy high quality products at retail or on-line that are more popular today, you will not want an unpleasant shopping experience with the fake product and only when it comes out when you come home and open the box. Consumers may want to know where to look for to avoid counterfeit products.

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