Air Jordan 4 (IV)

1989th The birthday of Air Jordan 4 was born in the middle of the career of Michael Jordan and Bulls. Although he did not come out with the ring that year, he made a shoe that stormed the storm.

Air Jordan 4 was again a Tinker Hatfield baby. He has introduced many new design concepts, such as the hinges on both sides for better ankle protection. MJ made the ankles practically impossible. The shoes appeared again on the air cover pad due to the padding and the full length median plane.

Without the first three Air Jordans national awards, AJ4 became the first internationally-issued Jordan branded shoe. The fantastic padded sole and eye-catching design made it an international bestseller.

Michael Jordan reached new peaks during his career while wearing Air Jordan 4 . Homer gave another scoring title, with an average score of 32.5 per game, MJ appeared in the All-Star Game, the first team in NBA and All-Defense. But in these shoes, MJ "The Shot" won the legendary game and series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jordan is considered one of the biggest clutch moments of the day and began to start the first so many wonderful wins to play in the playoff career.

Nike continued his Jordan advertising campaigns with Spike Lee playing a character called Mars Blackmon. He created the famous Can / Can not TV commercial that featured Air Jordan 4 and gave them some extra promotion in Do The Right Thing.

In the mid 90's, the first series of retro Jordans was not when Retro Air Jordans 4 appeared in 1999. When these kicks were retro / white / black and black / gray (nicknamed "Cookies & Cream"), people were crazy about it. The hours consumed by shops and everyone seemed to need a couple.

You can not deny that Air Jordan 4 is simply one of the great ones.