Air Jordan 1: Shoe History

One shoe was just a shoe once. Of course, athletes were looking for high-performance sports shoes, ladies paid great attention to finding the perfect heel shoes, and the kids were already brands that were partial – but the modest shoes were not special. And it turned out that Air Jordan 1 was born.

In 1984, Michael Jordan entered the NBA as a glamorous college and Olympic gold medal, and Chicago Bulls took over in his new career. One of his first eye-catching moves was not his court skills (though incredibly impressive), but the choice of footwear. In a pre-season game, he started basketball, unlike some of the NBA ever. Designed by Peter Moore, Air Jordan 1 was a black leather pants decorated with red Nike swoosh and red corsets. The NBA did not need it.

David Stern NBA Commissioner forbade kicks for non-regulatory colors. While black and red honored Chicago Bulls, the Basketball Association insisted that deviation from traditional white shoes was a sacrilege. "Gentlemen," the NBA wrote to Nike in a public message: "This conversation confirms and verifies whether the rules and procedures of the National Basketball Federation have banned some red and black NIKE basketball shoes from Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan On or around 18 October 1984. "

The fine: $ 5,000 every time Mr. Jordan came to court on his blasphemous shoes. However, fans liked Jordan's shoes. In 1985, Nike jumped to the color with a white background, with red and black accents. Air Jordan 1 was a fatal success. (At that time, of course, it was still Nike Air Jordan – no need for it, dozens of versions only came later.)

Since the release of Air Jordan 1 nearly three decades ago, sneaker is the world's most famous design. New colors continue to run. Fresh Jordan plans are constantly being created, but the original never lost its glory. In fact, old fashioned colors are often re-released as Air Jordan 1 Retro.

While every imaginable color for its classic silhouette, the Chicago Bulls red and black continue to play a prominent role. Among the sky blue or golden-yellow themes, the variety of Bulls color schemes is an eternal favorite. No matter what color your shoes are, the story of Air Jordan 1 is one of the biggest in sneaker history and will continue to tell the tale in the coming years.

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