Adding talent: Michael Jordan vs. Myself

Offering the "Signature Service"

The importance of recruiting the natural talents is the face of the restaurant and the process of recruiting employees who passionately serve.

"Signature service" is a passionate hospitality. His customer was "Wow, what a fresh air!" He left his facility. In fact, in this ultra
competitive industry, the "Signature Service" may be the only thing that separates you from your competitors. If everything else is the same price and quality, customers choose you for the service.

Talent is the execution of a naturally conscious task without thinking. Aptitude is accomplished through repetition of tasks.

A hypothetical example I like to use:

"A nice summer day, Michael Jordan (yes, Jordan) and I decided to agree with a basketball player, Mr. Jordan decides to give me 6 weeks Practice: I practice 60 hours a week, 7 days

On the game day Michael Jordan appears who you think won? Michael Jordan has a natural ability to play basketball and income is not a brain and not surprising. "

Now we have to go back to our position. We deal with talents. What are the talents we are looking for? I feel they are important: Natural and warm smile. It does not need to be fake. This person is happy to walk and always smiles.
> The ability of eye contact. During the interview, note that the candidate is able to look at you and make eye contact.
> Greeting personality. Enjoys conversation with people. If you continue to be a gabber, I guarantee that you will not have any problems when your customers are happy to receive it.
> A caring personality. If the client does not smile, he personally accepts this rejection.

Is this hard and hard work? Absolutely. Finding a gemstone is always tough but rewarding if it's found. If you draw attention, instead of just "filling" a position, you can start the frame to rebuild your team with "Signature" as a new foundation. Just as with my Michael Jordan competitors, if you only pick up the "stains", your income is as predictable. Big changeover, lower sales volume, low morale, and no loyalty. Not only that, but it will be difficult to hire and retain key and talented individuals.

Implementing Change in Your Restaurant

> At the end of the day, the fact is how to take over your situation. It may be all right and leave things as they are, but not their competitors. Studies have shown that a 16-day regiment is required to start a change program:

Education and Commitment

> You have to set your expectations and standards and keep your team up.

Ratings and Benchmarking

Give yourself and your employees an assessment of their performance and compare them for improvement

Improve and Encourage

> People will make a mistake. Correct and enforce your expectations.
> Always praise the public, private.

Celebration and reward

> When the milestone is reached, we celebrate and reward the team and the individuals when the goals are met.
> By the key to success, without recognition, people tend to "forget" what they want to accomplish.

To close, remember that "talent is talent". These talented individuals bring more results, talented people love other talented people around themselves.

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