Achieving success of "Michael Jordan"

It seems that everyone who wants a career hopes to do a good job. They've done everything they do and always get a good appraisal from their superiors. There is, however, another level. I want to call the Michael Jordan level. This is a level of work that goes beyond what the "average person" does.

Fans always say that Michael Jordan is extremely talented. And maybe that's true. But to hear Michael, most of the success comes from very hard work. When other people stop working because they feel they have done enough, Michael is practicing, studying, and learning.

Tigris Woods was once asked if he was practicing when he was not in the playing period and said "of course!" At least 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Ask yourself … Do you want the best, really good or maybe somewhere in the middle? How much time and effort do you make in your career? Want to reach the peak?

Ask yourself for these questions when planning your career. You also need to find out what steps need to be taken to reach the peak. It's not always about working a lot of hours – it's about intelligent work. Make sure that the hours received give you time and effort.

You must also include a budget in your plan that will invest in you. This means they are learning more and more, listening to tapes, organizing seminars and getting a coach – not just for sports! A good athlete has many coaches – would not it be at least one?

A good trainer can give you feedback on your professional development. You often see things you do not know; help you the best. The Japanese word Kaizen means "never-ending improvement". Great believers in everyday small repairs. They think over time, this leads to very impressive changes. Follow this ideal, and with great success exponentially grow your career!

Would not that be a great goal for you?