A Bachelors

Bachelor. Listening to this word, a person, especially a woman, can think of a man who is best described as romantic novels. Someone high, dark, handsome and rich. It's the kind of guy who's sure to bounce off all the girls from his leg. The one who will break the heart when their eyes meet. The guy who dreams of every girl. But we need to know that a bachelor is not about it. According to the Webster Dictionary bachelor, the technical term means any person who was not married.

In this article, you can read about the ten most unusual archetypes. If you are a man who has never been married, you can also find where you are and see if you need to improve yourself, change it, or stay the same as you are. And if you are a woman, you will surely enjoy this. You will find exactly what your dream tree is like. Here they will learn the advantages and disadvantages of each bachelor.

So do not be so long. Let's see the bachelors!

Mr. Know-it-all

At first glance, Mr. Know-it seems all very intelligent. He is the type that can answer each question. She knows everything about music, geography, science, math, or anything she wants to know. You can talk to him with anything and make sure you articulate it. You can have a good conversation as you know everything. Yes! This kind of brilliant, but after a series of encounters, somehow they can catch the nerves. You continue the conversation you can not connect to. Not that you're not smart. All they did was go too far to make sense. Most of the time, people with such bachelors are annoyed.

Mr. Playboy

Do you know someone who has a lot of daughters? A guy who sees the girls as a collection of toy cars, calls them sidelines, fighting or simply having fun! She treats girls like a toothbrush; as long as you can use it, but you have to change it in 3 months. Well, that's certainly Mr. Playboy. This guy knows the right words and actions to catch her attention. He radiates well-groomed and uncertain air. You will never see it or be honest or not, because it is actually an expert with sugar-coated words. This type is also the best actor of Oscar winners. Why? Because she can only pick up her finest fa├žade until she understands her interest for a moment. He can be Mr. Prim and the right one or the Nice Guy if he wants to. So take care of these!

This group can not be regarded as deserted, but thanks to these irresistible charms, she is gone crazy.

Mr. Prim and right

He's in a very serious aura sitting in the corner. The right things, and they do not even dare to break a rule. Well, I'm not saying this is a bachelor coward. He is only very strange with laws and rules as he thinks the right and proper things. Unlike Mr. Know-it-all, Mr. Prim and Proper can be very sensitive to things, even if you talk to him for a long time. Above all, the bachelors, he is the one who feels the same respect and worship.

The kind of thing that is sometimes very predictable. You can easily predict what he will do, because it is too difficult to keep track of the right things. Sometimes people have to be impulsive enough to experience what life is like. But well I guess Mr. Prim and Proper work exactly the way he wants his existence. After all, this is life!

Mr. Nerd

Mr. The nerd category includes a spiritual ratio of more than 130 – that is, a genius. Good in almost everything you do, except for activities that exercise like sports, dancing, etc. They include. This is because it usually does not start outdoors because it reads books or finds things that can change the world. He is a book-intelligent man, and this type usually ends with a really good job, because he definitely earns his diploma with great honors. She is also very sensitive to what it feels like. He cares about his books and thick glasses.

It's hard for such a guy to be very scientifically talented but generally not smart. It would be very difficult for him to meet the real quality of life as he was looking for a book. And it makes them anti-social!

Mr. Handy Man

Jack in all commerce. Carpenter. Cook. Plumber. Dishwasher. Bodyguard. Embrace it and surely not sweat it. Mr. Handy Man is the complete opposite of Mr. Nerd. I do not say you're stupid. You do not predict excellent because he thinks the ratings are just numbers and the diploma is just a piece of paper. Although people need it, they can not and can not measure the intelligence of man. The ultimate leader of life is that education is beyond the books. He has a lot of sense and knows every aspect of life.

If Mr. Nerd is anti-social, our guy knows how to deal with different types of people and how to act around them. It can easily blend into the crowd. Mr. Handy Man has generally made a good decision about anything, perhaps because he knows what's going on in the world. He is independent, which depends on certain people. But this time it is not stubborn. She is still listening to the other advice, which is even more in the streets!

Mr. Varsity Guy

For the name, we would certainly think Mr. Varsity Guy is a man who is athletic. Well, that's right! Enter Intramurals, you will surely see that this person runs on an event. Let's say, from the basketball court to the chessboard to the table tennis player. They are the master in this area! This guy can be blamed for Mr Playboys, as they are mostly surrounded by women. But he's not really like Mr. Playboy. It's just that the girls are well informed and enthusiastic about admiration.

We are not so ideal with this. Varsity Guy is putting the result on his head and turning it into a stupid thing. This is somehow very common because it is surrounded by the sluggish population, which can be seen as a confidence-building and ego-strengthening. But in any case, he's all stupid because he's really good at it.

Bad boy type

If you met a long-haired and big tattoo guy, speeding up with the motorcycle and the gothic black dress, I found and met Mr. Bad Boy with our Type! This kind is very spontaneous and unpredictable. You will surely enjoy your company as you get a taste of things you've never experienced, such as shooting a red traffic light without being arrested, forbidden property and lovers are prohibited. Do not be fooled about it. You surely rejoice because you definitely feel that it is no harm, just fun. Yes, if you really want to know the current spelling of FUN with a twist, Mr. Bad Boy needs it.

Unlike Mr. Prim and the right, he is not afraid of breaking the rules. Well, he does not really break the rules. Just bend a bit to match your mood and neighborhood events. In his mind some laws are too crazy to follow. It may be entertaining, but sometimes it sets too much pleasure. He is a grunty devil who risked his life.

Mr. Closet Queen

looks perfect! This kind of man is intelligent, sensitive to feelings, humorous, cheerful, good-looking and very hygienic. Well, I'm not saying that the other bachelors do not touch their bodies. purity. Guys sometimes can be really futile, some of the real-blooded men I know I can justify. But this bachelor is different. She translates more into her own vanity brand than a woman ever. If a regular lady holds a dust bag, a lip gloss, and a keen hand in her purse, this man is more than the personal needs that have been hidden from the eyes of many people.

View and categorize any bachelor in this article. You can persuade me to convince Mr. Playboy's personality after having a girl after another, or pretending that our real live prince is a charming, gentle master of Bachelor. But true, its meaning looks really deceptive. Because Mr. Closet Queen is a girl who has been trapped in jail.

Mr. Nice-Clown Guy

A lot of joke at the right time and place. She cries with the heart of pure kindness and compassion. If you are looking for someone to share your problems with someone who understands and does not judge you then he is the one who has to turn. She is listening and gives advice that will surely illuminate your mind. And after having a serious conversation with her, she would make it more burdensome and frighten her stomach because of the poodle dog breeds. Usually priest or pastor's head. Yes! The code name Mr. Nice-Clown Guy tells everything!

But sometimes so kind and understandable that you do not realize that some people are abusing it. He does not just need a real friend who touches his shoulders; you need somebody to kill you. The purpose of this is to figure out to be too sweet to the point that he was an idiot.

Mr. Asked for a Bachelor

If it's like word or perfection, maybe he's the foundation. He is rich, cordial, hunk, clever in every way, can be very spontaneous at times, but always succeed in sticking to the right one. And do not forget. This guy is good in everything. You may think of sports, academies, culinary arts, and anything! Mr. Perfect as many people describe, but he never considers himself one. He is very humble and he never realizes that he can boast of anything he has achieved, though it is very worth grabbing.

This is the only kind of bachelor we like, but it's not general. Why is this so? Because this guy is what girls have always been looking for. The one we always associate with the word "bachelor". They are very broad, in the sense that most of them exist only in the imagination, dream, and mind of women. But in real life you can only find up to ten million. The new Bachelor is comparable to the Philippines – endangered species! We hope they will not be extinct.

That's right! They are the ten most common bachelors in the world. Nowadays, like widgets and diseases, bachelors are becoming more and more modern types. There are currently hybrid bachelors. Mr. Varsity can be Mr. Prim, and it's packed. Or, she says, Mr. Nice-Clown Guy is secretly wanting to be a Mr. Bad Boy. We could never! This article is just a guide to man's evaluation, but the only truth we need to do is to personally know the person. After all, we're human. God gives us enough knowledge to distinguish a person as it really is!