8 tips for developing basketball skills

It is often thought that drip and ball handling are the same. However, they have a different meaning.

Basketball can be practiced on its own and simply engages in basketball. Handling the ball understands the knowledge of the game and the decision-making, with passing and dripping.

Improving dripping capabilities has many practices and can be a simple task. There are various types of drill bits that can help you significantly improve your drip. One of the most widely known drip drilling series is called "Maravich drills". These drills have been named Pete Maravich, one of the best ball handlers. Maravich Drills includes hipster figure 8, dripping and catching, spider dripping and passing through the body

Improving your imagination and placement skills.

Ways to Improve Dribbling & Ball Handling Skills

  1. Keep Your Head All the Time. When you practice, look at the hoop or choose a place on the wall to focus while dripping. This helps not to use the ball while dripping.
  2. The intensity of basketball. The ball is difficult to jump from the game surface and spends more time in your hand. The harder you throw the ball, the faster your hand will be.
  3. Be creative and use your imagination. Try to illustrate how you would use situations in different situations.
  4. Point the ball with your fingers. Do not use your palm for dripping. This gives you much more accurate control while dripping.
  5. Try to provide 1 option. The defense did not defeat the drip, they beat with your feet.
  6. Don't touch it. You don't have to drip twice if you can do it with a drip.
  7. Means the display and use of basketball angles. Move your body in straight lines. If you move from side to side, quickly return to the direct route to the basket
  8. Get away from the comfort zone. Experiment with different techniques and go faster than you use. When you practice, you don't have to worry about losing the ball. When you lose the ball, pick up and try again. It is difficult to increase your dripping skills if you stay in the comfort zone.