5 Unusually fast fat loss tips


The idea is that we are all very busy and have no time to spend hours in the gym or every day of the week. I know most people are on the same ship.

So there is a need for an exercise routine that can rarely be done, and it takes very little time, but still gives great results … in time when not working.

Most popular exercise forms provide most of their calorie and fat burning practice … but it is ineffective because we can only practice … even aerobic and cardio fanatics can only say 5 to 10 hours in practice.

So 24 hours a day, giving us 168 hours a week … so we work 5-10 hours a week, leaving us 160 hours to stop working. …

… these 160 hours should be the centerpiece if we want the maximum fat content within a minimum period of time …

… and if you can do that, you are now training efficiency. So the idea is to burn most of the fat out of the 160-hour hours that he doesn't work … in combination with resistance training exercises in succession.

This type of workout burns fat for up to 2-3 days after the end of the workout, so you can see that this type of exercise 2-3 times a week increases the fat burning twice or even three times. which may occur in practice in the so-called "fat-burning zone".


Perhaps the most important tip anyone who tries and maintains leanness is to look at food for micronutrients.

This is not something that will be heard by most nutritionists, and, on the contrary, says that foods can be viewed from a macro-view (protein, carbohydrates, fats).

… this is what most people do, and it is still important for fat burning, but the big turning point of my personal fat burning happened when I started focusing on eating the most calories from food, the nutrients super instead of stressing the protein, fat, and carbohydrate ratio.

Foods I speak about vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds.

Do not be fooled by this vegetarian or vegan diet, which is not what I am talking about, but a diet that provides the body with the nutrients it needs to burn fat optimally.

Note that I have not included lean meat from this list. Well, this does not mean that these foods do not help in fat burning, but what I say must remove the first way of thinking about the whole protein and instead have to deal with a "nutrient first" way of thinking.

I raised it because I am sure there are many people that every good meal should start with a large amount of beef or poultry and that nutritious foods (such as vegetables, fruits, beans, etc.) are a small part of the meal. , if at all.

I say you have to fully translate this equation and that most meals should be in nutrient foods with a smaller amount of animal protein.

The fact that these foods have the most nutrients and when they provide the necessary nutrients without overloading foods that contain little nutrients has become a much easier fat loss because of the hunger and hunger that deprives nutritionists, almost disappears.

TIP 3: Stop situations and use ABS GIZMOS to lose STOMACH FLAB!

OK, so it's a big one because six packages of abs resemble the status symbol, regardless of whether you & # 39; lean lean.

I was restrained already in the 70s and 80s, a flat stomach was enough, but now it's about six packs … for whatever reason.

Probably more to do with the fact that people are getting denser than ever, and things like the six pack abs are getting rarer and of course much more desirable.

So many people are still mysterious on the spot, reducing the myth that they can practice a particular area of ​​the body and cause local fat burning.

I had to know that I was beaten several times by newsletter subscribers, but I still ask the question of which abs or abdominal exercises or 3,000 intestinal blockers get the six packs!

Look, you really can't lose fat from one point of your body …

… the only way to lose belly fat, thigh fat, fat fat or other fat. the percentage of total body fat. In other words, the loss of total body fat.

The reason why there are problem areas or parts of the body is because they simply store more fat cells in the area genetically.

And we can't lose these fat cells, we stuck with them without following surgical intervention, but we can shrink them and it happens when we lose fat. The fat cells are shrunk.

So here the most important thing is to forget the absolute special exercises for a while and focus on reducing the total body fat percentage by creating a calorie deficiency with the right diet strategies and adding lean muscle to your body.

The truth is, a good weight-weight squat on a weekday for muscle failure will do more to lose abdominal fat and multiply six packets per 1000 times a week because the amount of calories burned and fat is far out of the squat. punches.

Yes, you will need some absolute practice to build abdominal muscles, but no one will see them if they are covered by body fat layers.


All right, another huge mistake when people determine how successful their fat burning program is. First of all, we're talking about fat burning, not losing weight.

Weight loss is the dominant expression, unfortunately, because that is what we are teaching early.

But when it comes to losing the actual body fat, we need to examine our body composition, not how much we measure the scale, but how much of our body's fat.

This is the only way to find out if you lose fat or just lose water or muscle, which is very common with most crashes or fads …

… people eventually lose some pounds very quickly and excited, but not much better in the mirror!

I mean, they can look better in the clothes because water loss and muscle loss sometimes look like smaller clothes, but when the clothes stop …

… yikes!

This is the thin fat appearance that many people have … high body fat percentages, but because of their small bone structure, people seem to be acceptable in clothes.

I know nobody wanted to look like this, so body fat percentage should be the most important measure of fat burning.

OK, another reason we can't rely on the scale because of the muscle mass …

… if we did this right, our practice is for lean muscle gain. this is the best way to create a calorie deficiency almost immediately.

Especially because of our age, because our body loses muscle mass every year after we are in the mid 30s, that is … as is the main reason many people were in good condition in the 20s and The 30s wake up in 40 to 20-30 pounds heavier fat.

So, if you measure your progress based on the scale and get 5 pounds of muscle, the scale can't show fat loss or even a small gain because the muscle weight exceeds the fat …

.. denser and takes less space . This may cause you to feel and think that your efforts will cause weight gain when in reality creating a perfect environment for 24-hour fat burning.

So a simple way to track bf% is a leather spot caliper, which you can find online, some body fat scales or handhelds (although there are some tricks for proper use).

In fact, I have a body fat percentage analyzer for subscribers to my newsletter who I can get for free on my website … this is a great tool and is for anyone who wants to track down the fat loss exactly.

So this idea here … you can track your body fat percentage, not just your body weight! Then the fat burning is not the weight loss.

TIP 5: Get to Know Your Fat Loss Number

I'm talking about keeping scores and getting to know numbers here …

… if you don't know the numbers, chances for success in fat burning and fitness.

Just like anything else in life, if you don't follow what works and what doesn't work, you use a shooting approach that takes a lot longer and will not work and an approach that includes up.

This is especially important for exercise and fat burning and fitness progress. Take a moment to look at the business world. In any business, at the end of the day, the results are measured as revenue or money earned.

If the business owner doesn't know the numbers, they won't know if they have money. And that there is literally no business! Crazy and very simple, but the strongest metric that a business owner can follow.

I'm a big NBA basketball fan, but do you think I enjoy my favorite teams if I don't keep the score? Of course not!

If they fail, we do not know who wins and then there is no "game" to win or lose. They need to know their number to know who wins and who loses.

It is surprisingly simple again, but the fact that most people do not follow their practice routines at all. How do you know you won or lose a fat burning game?

Monitoring some key numbers during fat burning and fitness treatment, especially strength gain, inches of body parts, and percentage of body fat.

If you do not know these numbers from week to week, from month to month, then it will be difficult to decide on the progress … and then you will figure out the methods that will be used again and there is little change in success.

This is also important because any exercise or diet plan needs to undergo minor modifications as you progress and how you will do it if you don't know what to set or when to do it?

So recording weekly and monthly progress is key to making this lean and fit body … and if you don't, you're using the shotgun approach: just spraying balls and hoping to hit something.

This is a big reason why people are giving up their programs …

… not exactly measuring progress. By doing this right, you can also tell you that positive affirmation becomes even harder to achieve goals.

After sniffing something that actually works, I don't know about you, but I will do everything I can to increase this effect as much as I can.

So on the bottom line, make sure you record your workouts and progress exactly. Just like in any business or sport, you won't know how to win if you don't score.