5 kinds of jumps to help you reach the highest vertical possible basketball

You're the man, so you can not imagine being a bird and you, right? Same the highest vertical jump that requires work. Let's see, we can not do anything to convince ourselves what we can do. We are human. It's a great discipline to get in if you want your highest vertical jump, the hard work of the five jumps.

The first jump series you need to improve your basketball game and dunking the ability to just jump off the ground jumping up from your ankle. If you hit the ground, pull your toes up but do not let your heel touch the ground. Although it is difficult, it is important not to kneel in the air or on the ground. As soon as you arrive at terra firma, jump back. Never stay on earth for longer.

This is usually called a box jump. If so, use plyometric boxes. Buy a landing platform like a stable box or as large as a vertical jump. Begin at the top of the box, skip and simulate like a cat. He can absorb the shock on his knees and even do it. Raise the starting height until you can easily land.

The next step is the vertical jump, go figure. This really helps to achieve the highest vertical jump. Just go as high as you can and stay on a solid landing platform such as a plyometric box or something similar. The real trick is to jump off and then immediately get back. You want to make sure you stick to something that will not run, and you can set it up to increase your skill.

The next jumps are so-called stephole jumps. To do this, appropriate four or five staged feces or boxes of different height are required. Start the smallest box. If you jump on it, go back, but get off the ground as fast as you jump to the next higher box.

Finally there are actually two of them, the vertical and the box jumping. It stays in the box as high as the vertical jump. Get him down. As he landed on a reverse track and exploded into a vertical jump. It teaches your body to absorb the effect, explode into action, then jump as high as you can. On the way to the highest vertical jump to reach the goal!