4 secret tricks that you can use to win any basketball game

Do you want to know a dirty little trick to win any sporting game? If you're in a losing streak and desperately win at any price (except cheating and offending people). There is a way, and here is how you do it:

1. Follow the Pareto rule.

The Pareto rule is based on Rule 80/20. That is, the 20% of what you are doing is responsible for 80% of the results. Look back at what you did and you did not mistake. First, look at the things you did wrong and try to avoid it. Then look at your past performance when you're good and try to spot some things that have improved the game. Keep these things and you will see dramatic updates in your game.

2nd They re-learn and practice the basic foundations of the game.

For example, if it's not good at the basketball game, try again to learn basic moves like basketball or shooting. Legendary basketball, Larry Bird, would practice the shooting practice for hours before a big game. He did not do any fancy things; it was only for hours that basketball was fired.

3rd See how to win the game before you start playing.

You have to re-think your mental thoughts to improve your confidence. Always think about the outcome and do not try to think negatively.

4th Get a mentor.

The mentor shows you what you did wrong and encouraged you when you feel good.

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