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Michael Jordan Curse? The post-dynasty bulls just can not understand

With the exception of the magnificent Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls was the biggest disappointment in the NBA this season. From the 49th win campaign and the opening championship sweep of the defending champions (from the aforementioned Heat), the Bulls were awarded the Eastern Conference Championship this year. But there was something terribly wrong along the […]

Michael Jordan – Everything You Need to Know

Charlotte Bobcats, previously a US professional basketball player and an active businessman, Michael Jeffrey Jordon was born in Brooklyn, New York on February 17, 1963. His mother, Doloris, a bank employee and his father, James R. Jordon sr. an equipment inspector moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, when he was a small child. Four out of […]

Where to buy Michael Jordan for sale and which one to choose?

If you are a true basketball fan and you admire Michael Jordan, you're likely to buy Michael Jordan jersey. Question about which one to buy and where to find Michael Jordan jersey? In this article, I deal with both and provide the most appropriate options for choice, price and quality. So let's start … 1. […]

Michael Jordan – the greatest of all time

The legendary Michael Jordan, known all over the world, was a professional basketball player. He was the most popular in the game. Court performances were almost incredible. Whatever he could do in court. Jordan played for Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. He has won 6 World Championships with Bulls. Jordan also played baseball when he […]

Entertaining Entrepreneurs – Lil Wayne, Michael Jordan, and Kanye West

We all think of entrepreneurs as a businessman. But why not think for a moment outside the box and redefine an entrepreneur? For example, Lil Wayne is fun. He brought the world to an endless amount of music. He has defined himself as "the best rapper". In essence, he gave himself a label that is […]