101 Tattoo Facts

1: A chef specializing in cheeseburgers offers 25% off all those who tattoo a cheeseburger and offer a 25% discount on a cheeseburger tattoo in a tattoo studio not related to a nearby town.
2: Tattoos are rarely made in ink, often referred to as paints, in fact, suspended solids, mainly metal salts and plastics, but not plant dyes, as they generally believe. cases of HIV infection from the tattoo in the United States, but three of the dentist's offices.
4: Tattoos more than men than men today
5: Tattooing is a minor medical procedure
6. Until 2006 was an illegal tattoo in Oklahoma
7: New Zealand's Lucky Diamond Rich was the world's most avid person and after the space disappeared, he began with lighter tattoos on the darker ones and vice versa.
8: Robbie "The Coon" Koch has recently hit the record world of painting 577 tattoos within 24 hours. The old record was recorded by Kat Von D on the television show "LA Ink". Update – Hollis Cantrell owns the record from 2009 (801 tattoos), but Robbie's skull sounded better. Hollis's final tattoo was on his thigh.
9: The first fixed tattoo is found in a 3300s on a mummified iceman. He had 58 tattoos, mostly dots and lines [1]. In 1876, Thomas Edison invented a machine that eventually became a tattoo machine, but Samuel O. Reilly modified the adaptation of the tattoo tools in 1891

11: The longest tattoo record was 43 hours and 50 minutes, very eye-catching and talented artist, Melanie Grieveson, in Australia. The tattoo was Stephen Grady.
12: 2005 Kimberly Smith paid $ 10,000 for Golden Palace.Com tattooing at the casino to help pay for her daughter's education. The casino is listed for unusual promotions. [13] Thomas Edison tattooed five points on his left forearm, similar to the points on the dice.
14: Tattoos of lips last only for 1-5 years and often need to be retouched, the most common cosmetic lining.
15: The second most common cause of tattoo removal is interpreting.
16: 2010 Channel introduces a new trendy temporary tattoo line. The tattoo set 55 sells for $ 75.
17: Most tattoo machines are between 1 and 10 needles and use some of the ancient methods of rake 27.
18: Anil Gupta is considered to be one of NYC's most expensive tattoo artist $ 350 / hour.
19: In most cases, a tattoo sketch does not have to bleed at all and shades for a few minutes.
20: From 1: 18: 50 in 2006 there is at least one tattoo.

21: US President James Polk, the first white man to call a Chinese character tattooed.
22: A brothel in Cologne, who gets the tattoo of a business logo, their home builder, free entry to life ($ 6.25 US) and discounts to dressed up dances (US $ 25.00). [25] "Tattoos" are the first ten searched terms, since Lycos has started tracking search engines.
26: Democrats are more likely to have tattoos than Republicans, 18% to 14%.
27: Januar March 23, 2010 A new American Marine Corp prohibits anyone who works with a full sleeve tattoo.
28: July 17, 2009 The 18-year-old Kimberly Vlaminck suits a Romanian tattoo artist over the 56 stars, on which he rises, scattering his face, 53 more than he sees. Later he admitted lying in the lawsuit, and in any case asked the fifty-six. [29]: Janis Joplin's blues singer had a hinged tattoo and a little heart on his left chest. [30] In Oregon, it is a crime to be practiced without a tattoo without permission or in an unauthorized shop.

31: The perpetual and social Paris Hilton was a tattoo of his credence, Nick Carter's right cheek face at that time. Since then, they have been removed by laser.
32: The traditional Samoan tattoo, the body that holds the body from the body to the knee, takes 3 months to complete and is completely healed for 1 year. A typical session lasts from dawn until sunset, or until the pain is too great and goes on until the next day, unless the skin needs a few days to heal.
33: In a 2002 survey, eight of the best "world's most beautiful men" were tattoos. [35]: Today's tattoos do not turn blue when they are blue before, inks are much more stable [35]: The first occurrence of Oxford English dictionary came in 1769 and belongs to Captain John Cook.
36: A leg and a pig tattooed on the other say that it protects the navy from drowning. No animal can swim. [37]: The Queen of Hawaii Kamamalu (1808-1824) was the first woman to tattoo her tongue.
38: Most tattoo artists will not tattoo a pregnant woman.
39: Some tattooists claim that when a new tattoo is armed from sunlight for the first two years, it becomes clearer and clearer for decades. [40]: More than 40 million people in the United States with a tattoo

41: 26% of American tattoos are said to attract them more appealing, women's vote thus ranging from 2 to 1 among men.
42: Motley Crue Tommy Lee holds the highest altitude tattoo record since it was painted in 45,000 feet in 2008. The tattoo was $ 150,000. [43] The 43: 73-year-old Isobel Valley, the world's most tattooed woman, tattooed every square centimeter of her body except her face and fifty piercings, of which 15 are visible. Most of the piercings are under the belt, because they want to tinker when she is walking, she says. 44: More and more people have medical warnings with tattooing to assist doctors in an emergency.
45: A 43-year-old former soldier, Shawn Clark, killing 232 British soldiers in Afghanistan tattooed on his back. [46] At one time, he knew the red ink fades; not with today's inks.
47: The title of "Hardy Boys" is titled "The Tattoo of whale hunting." 48: When Cortez landed on the Mexican coast in 1519, he was frightened to find the natives, somehow constantly marking their image of idols on their skin. That's what he called for the devil's work. [49]: The tattoo of the sailor's anchor indicates that they sailed through the Atlantic Ocean.
50: One-third of the tattooed Americans say they make them sexier. [51] Tattoo ink is injected into the second layer of skin, the dermis, and the body as a defense mechanism embeds the image stable and intact.
52: Gabrial Carbon, an American teenager hit a Mexican cartel, her eyelid is tattooed, so she never looks closed. His idea does not work in jail. [53] Jimmy Buffet is about tattoos in a song with the same name: "A persistent reminder of a transient feeling." 54: In the 1920s, American circuses employed more than 300 people with full body tattoos and paid $ 200 a week for a lot of money at such times. 55: The proportion of tattooed males and females is statistically equal. [56] Sterilization of the tattoo equipment in an autoclave, a high-pressure steam engine, similar to the pressure vessel and hospitals.
] 57: 57% of people without tattoo feel that those with them are rebellious and threatening. [43] The first 58 US President's tattoos were allegedly tattooed
59: Tattoo inks are not governed by any government agency, so there is no way to know exactly what's in it. 60: Winston Churchill's mother, Lady Randolph Churchill, had a tattooed snake on his wrist. During these periods they were popular for rich aristocrats. He had chosen Sword because he could easily find a bracelet. [61]: US President Andrew Jackson showed a huge tattoo of a tomahawk with a length of thigh. No one knows exactly why. 62: Almost all American companies had some restrictions or policies on tattooing.
63: From September 29, 2009, the 19-year ban on tattoo was discontinued in DeKalb, Illinois. [64] 64: Actress Halle Berry is a sunflower tattoo on the back, covering the name of her ex-baseball player David Justice.
65: In the second half of the nineteenth century and in the first part of the twentieth century, the popularity of tattoo was largely attributed to the circus side. 66: People suffering from an antisocial personality disorder are more likely to have tattoos in more visible locations and embrace larger body mass.
67: Ancient Egyptians used tattoos to distinguish slaves and peasants.
68: The XVIII. In the 19th century, collecting the Maori's tattooed heads in Europe people became so popular that many were murdered to meet demand. The heads were usually paid for weapons.
69: In the 1870s, the Japanese government banned the tattoos that forced the underground exercise where it flourished
70: 3% of Americans say that because of their tattoo we feel athletes.

71: Most tattooed women in the world, Isobel Varley, received his first tattoo, a flower at age 49. [72] 4% of consumers spend over $ 1,000 on a tattoo.
73: If you see someone tattooing, then you look over the epidermis on the first layer of skin.
74: 50% of all tattoos are not given up and can be seen openly
75: Tattoo machines with up to 200 hits per second at up to 12,000 times per minute and 720,000 hours. 76: In ancient Greece and Rome, tattoos were regarded as barbarians and used only to denounce slaves and criminals.
78: 52% of prisoners are tattooed.
78: Recent studies of memorable tattoos have replaced sadness as joy and morning celebration, creating a lasting memory. According to a study at Liverpool Hope University, three or more tattooed people have a significantly lower self-esteem. [80] 80: 4% of Americans say their tattoos look healthier [81]. 81: It is likely that white or lighter inks are much more painful to use.
82: There is only art where the tattoo artist is an artist and a trained specialist. [83] President James Buchanon had a tattoo of a less dressed woman on his chest with the BFL (lifestyle) initials. 84: In 2002, the 18-year-old Lee Becks hairdresser was shocked to find out the tattoo he thought of "Love, Honor, and Obedience," actually translated "at the end of the day, this is an ugly boy." 86: In a 2002 study, a group of male and high school students came up with tattooed images in 13 categories. Tattooed models are considerably lower in 13 grades in 87. 87: Some people feel pain or burning in the MRI 88: The US Navy prohibited the tattoo of naked women during World War II, so many future sailors had to renegotiate tattoos to include clothing.
89: The first record of tattooing in France in 1837 The young woman, a prostitute, covered another unwanted tattoo
90: April 30, 2009 For the 50th birthday celebration Mattel comes out with the new "Totally Stlylin" Barbie, with any tattoo and a Ken's tattoo.

91: All NBA players have 35% tattoos, Michael Jordan is not and his teammate Dennis Rodman is at least 22 years old.
92: Lorette Fulkerson was the last woman to work on circus pages, retiring in 1995 at age 80.
93: Eyeball tattoos were not done on one machine, but instead injected the ink with a syringe directly into his eye.
94: Urine is sometimes used in early ink mixtures.
95: 5% Americans with a tattoo say they feel better. 96: The first case in which the syphilis was mediated by a tattoo appeared in 1853. The artist's paint dried out so he spat in it by delivering the disease
97: Never go back to the wrong tattooed person to improve it will not be better.
98: You are asking me questions before getting a tattoo. [99] 99: Good tattoo is not cheap and cheap tattoo is not good. 100: Women more than twice as likely to remove tattoos as men.

101: More than 50% of today's tattoos are removed by laser at high cost, intense pain, and permanent minors. Think about ink.

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