Wilson Basketball

After Spalding, Wilson is perhaps the most trusted name when it comes to basketball. Wilson basketball is supported by NCAA and NCAA Women. The main Wilson basketball series is the official NCAA, Evolution, Solution and Collegiate.

Wilson basketball is usually made of composite leather with butyl blisters. The composite skin absorbs moisture from sweaty hands so the ball does not move away from the fingers while playing. The air-filled butyl bladder is durable and the ball is smoothly jumping. Bottom channels and wide grooves help the fingers to "bend" to ensure good adhesion.

The Evolution series is also available in men's and women's sizes. This is officially approved by Canadian Basketball Ontario. Evolution is an indoor ball that is played on smooth, covered tracks only. It consists of a composite leather cover and a mixture of sponge and butyl rubber. The bladder is butyl rubber. The Evolution series is popular for deep channels on the surface of the basketball, which help to trap. Websites such as HitRunScore.com are about $ 40.

The Wilson Solution series features a complex skin shell and wide channels. The core is made of sponge and butyl rubber, which makes the ball soft. The Solution series is very similar to the Evolution series.

Wilson's official NCAA and WNCAA basketball can also be used for indoor and outdoor play. HitRunScore.com sells official size 7 balls for $ 50 and ships in 1-5 days.

Wilson Collegiate basketball is a complex leather hide with butyl and natural rubber core. The bladder is synthetic rubber. For $ 15 for sale at AthleticsGalore.com.

Wilson Mini Autograph Basketball is also popular. The autograph ball is the official NCAA basketball section, with 6 smooth, non-grooved panels for making autographs. With the official NCAA logo

All Wilson series basketballs are popular as they meet the changing needs of basketball lovers and are perfect for playing.

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