Why is Kobe right in Jordan?

Am I convinced that, after reading this, will you find out why Kobe is now and will always be the biggest player to play in the game?

I understand that Jordan is more an icon, but if you are to defend him, then Kobe, or compare what he is doing in the court and how to attack the defenders / whole troops, you will see that Kobe is unstoppable .

Jordan was similar to those small dotted punches in the bucket and could eventually end, though Jordan could shoot (you will not mention one great if you have a big bug in your game). The point is that Jordan 6 & # 39; 6 was the bunch of the little man and the crazy, impossible ending ability that some of the PGs include. As a coach, if Bulls are to double up without doubling the Jordan, he would not want to be a catch, but if he did not let it get into the ink, and the fader goes anywhere in the key or falls, flip, or hangs in the air until he gets caught up with big shots hit much smaller guards played by those who were set up, played a big supporting role and were sporty crazy, I think this is a fair game analysis.

Kobe combines everything in the basketball game and combines the killer's instinct to make the game the best player. Science Controls Kobe's life, just like basketball, everything he tries to improve in the basketball game, have tried, measured and proved to be successful with others and heaven is more important to him.

Compared to Jord, Kobe is a shooter, he was Jordan (Kobe is a light shooter deep. This has been proven by 12 triple drills in a game, which is the NBA record.) This kind of shooting ability dramatically improves to a player. Take care of Kobe so close that he can not get a jumper because it's nothing more than a net. (Players are not even trying to retaliate Kobe's shot, they simply try to stop her from seeing her hands hand over to her eyes, STILL BUCKETS.) This is now driving her up. He just needs good footwork and maybe some small things to get what he wants (maybe a counter if he is a big defender.) What I'm basically saying is he's a full player.

The number of rings (most of the jordan is in love with you). You will see that in 2009 Kobe raised the team again by adding Ron Pippen Artest. Kobe is four. He got one in which he did everything he was doing and now scares the opportunity to go to the PASS Jordan tournament. Jordan was 6. This does not seem unjustified at all.

The NBA race also grew. If you do not agree, you really have to sit down and watch a movie. The game is more global. NBA is the best in the world. At the time of Jordan it was not the same size at all. I do not remember any Yao Minger or any Dirk Nowitskis. Both are the freaks of nature's bread to play the game like a 7 & # 39; 6 monster and a 7 & # 39; 0 guard. Training and skills development are still much more advanced than it is today. There are authentic defensive training systems and plans to try to stop Kobe

. Both are great. The ball has the same ability and is different from the ball. Jordan craftier defended the ball. You will risk more, but that's right. Kobe has a lot more communication (TONS, the guy will not get into D) and basically better. Early help, bluffs, conversations and I like to rotate.

Finally, if Kobe is no longer able to obtain a championship title, then the general census is iceberg. If Kobe does what he is likely to win and win multiple league titles, Jordan himself, he will not deny Kobe's place at the top of the game. The argument that the best player playing in the NBA will never settle. This is because Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant did not agree with each other over time, and their team could not compete in time enough. Only time will tell you the answer, but I'm sure that when time says it just whispers a word: "Kobe …"

If you still do not understand, check out the movies with Kobe and Jordan then say what do you think down here? Watch:

o How do Kobe defend against Jordan and how did Kobe's money get, and how did Jordan come?

o The difference between the trust of the outside jumper. Did Jordan give you some light jumper?

o The player size protects both.

o The quality of the helper against them.

o Protection defects and strong points.