Why do kids have to play basketball?

If you make a survey of your family and friends, you may be surprised by the results. Ask them what the kids do during the day. What is the habit of coming home from school? I bet that I can tell you what the answer is.

Today, every kid wants to play video games. They have no desire to get up and do anything else. They go back home. They have changed. They get a soda and a snack. They are then parked in front of the television. They play in their favorite video games and sit there all night. The only reason they need to get up, have dinner or have to use the bathroom.

Take them off the sofa and leave the TV.

Take them out on the basketball court, either at the local school or at the YMCA gym.

For kids playing basketball prevents them from being overweight. This great sport will play for them, which is good for them. This sport helps keep their hearts intact. They get good cardiovascular training. The muscles become stronger.

Even though their hearts are healthy and keep their weight, basketball will teach them later in life. They will recognize teamwork. They will learn to interact with others to achieve a common goal. Their social skills will improve. How many people will talk while sitting in front of the television.

Sport prepares people to the world of life. They learn how to delegate. They learn how to be a leader and how to follow a leader.

Get the kids on the basketball court and the videos – on the couch.