Why did the NBA playoffs more exciting than they used to be?

8 in a row and 12 out of 10.

6 in a row.

of 10 out of 5.

At first glance, these numbers seem to get a hit rate or percentage shot. If so, they would be quite impressive. However, these numbers are even more prominent, as the implementation is to represent the number of times a single NBA team won the championship. The legendary Celtics is the & # 39; and & # 39; 60 won 8 straight and 12 out of 10 between 1957 and 1969 under Red Auerbach. With Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls won the championship six times and won all the finals in which they came. In the 1980s, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the other Lakers won 5 league titles and three more finals.

Simply put, in the history of basketball this era knew very well what would happen in the playoffs. Celtics was suppressed by stifling defenses, using the unstoppable "showtime" tactics of the Lakers, and the Bulls let go of Jordan. Despite the fact that each team showed great poise and talents, playoffs were just exciting for fans of supported teams. As far as the opposition won, national fans knew who would eventually win the championship. The lack of wait and expectations created a very exciting atmosphere for basketball fans.

However, the late NBA playoff is already up in the air. After a few years in the Lakers and Spurs, the playoff was less than a forgotten conclusion, attracting more and more spectators every year. Only in this decade, four different teams have won the championship, including two teams (the pistols and the Heat) who have not won the championship for a long time.

I compare the two epochs in NBA history with watching movies. Years dominated by former NBA Titans watched the same film over and over again. Though the film is classic, it will be a bit boring. Knowing what's happening in the final scene takes away the experience. However, when troops, such as Warriors and Cavaliers, stir up games and teams of the best teams, is like a twisted Steven King movie. They are surprised and surprised when this happens and you still can not believe it after the end. In short, lack of knowledge is rather knowledge of output. Does this mean that it would be good for the Bulls, the Lakers and the Celtics in the league to never win the championship again? No. In fact, when they do, we feel the feeling of nostalgia as a classical attention that we may have forgotten. However, diversity is the spice of life, and when new teams perform well in the NBA, it means a more exciting summer.

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