Who is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is still the biggest basketball player ever to play. This was because he retired many years ago. Basketball and NBA's popularity in the 80's and 90's grew all over the world. Jordan has become a powerful marketing force and continues to be the most successful athlete of its generation.

Michael Jordan played 15 extremely successful NBAs from the NBA. At the age of 15, Jordan had many records. The 30.12 points are the highest in NBA history per game. He won the Chicago Bulls 6 NBA title and won the MVP every time Chicago Bulls won the championship. Michael Jordan has been the lead NBA for 10 consecutive years and has won the MVP of the league five times. His results are countless and can not be listed.

Everyone became Michael Jordan's talent when he first played in 1985 as a newcomer. He had excellent shots and gaps in his arsenal, with excellent defense and scoring capabilities. The ability to jump is legendary and continues to look for nicknames like Air Jordan and Airness. He was a full player.

After retirement it was a vacuum. There were several players from the next Michael Jordan, including Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter. However, none of the players could achieve the standards set by Michael Jordan. Players such as Michael Jordan are not uncommon and they come very rarely, they are very excited and leave us craving.

In 1999, Michael Jordan in the twentieth century. It was the centurion's biggest athlete to ESPN.