Whether you're Michael Jordan or not, someone needs Bobcats Forward

Robert Johnson is ready to sell Charlotte Bobcats. And there are some who are relieved to hear it.

Last month he admitted that his club should not be removed from Charlotte anyway. It has now become apparent that Johnson is actively seeking customers for his team while seeking a financial services company in New York to find potential investors.

Bobcats is the by-product that has hit the sport over the past decades – the city apparently was not enough to support the NBA team (Hornet at that time) corporate well-being at least to the satisfaction of the owner; New Orleans was launched in this case because of the new arena deal, and so on. he did not come over. Then, having lost the team, everyone was "feeling" and decided to fund a new venue for another owner for free travel.

Michael Jordan is a small owner of this team, and he always runs at Charlotte for basketball, he may be a quiet partner. However, he is one of those guys who are "responsible for basketball operations" and run the show in the long run, often communicating with CEO Rod Higgins and Larry Brown's head coach. It is a miracle how things are happening around them, but the fact that Brown has helped create the foundation for development in this team that Jordan has not been able to plan it before. Brown knew what players he wanted Bobcats and started lobbying to get them. High-priced players such as Jason Richardson and Adam Morrison (the latter are busts who do not yet have a game with the Lakers) released them for role-playing players like Boris Diaw, Raja Bell, Vladimir Radmanovich and DeSagana Diop.

The result was 35 wins, with this team running at the eighth casino site. If Brown fights, the track's results show that he could take over the pump, as he was the master of the reconstruction project. But this property ownership can be a determining factor in Brown's long. It is no secret that he was angered by the founder of Black Entertainment Television, Johnson, that he had allowed the rider to jump into the Time Warner Cable Arena so the cats won four straight street games until the end of the season to get a chance after the season competition.

Why he annoyed Brown and the players (Gerald Wallace called "bad governance") that Johnson only did because his daughter was in competition with the event. This can be a great father, but he is also a responsible owner. These skeletal things that Ted Stepien had done at Cleveland Cavaliers more than twenty years ago, and Brown was not interested in getting a lot of stupidity at the last stop, where he had to deal with Ismail Thomas for boss Knicks.

In Charlotte, the body has broken even further. Brown and Jordan are not so close to each other and Higgins has little autonomy. Part of the problem is that Jordan's notification is capable of compiling a league team just because it was such a wonderful player; in fact a championship match, so far far out of stock. Things did not look to him before receiving Brown, and in the field of basketball management Danny Ainge and Danny Ferry were bigger than Jordan probably.

Jordan offers the opportunity to lock the team, the kit, and the barrel (the obligatory rapper, in this case Nelly) if he or she can meet Johnson's price. Jordan told the Charlotte Observer last month: "When Bob wants to make a mistake, there is no problem with jumping and saying," Hey, look, I like to take control of this franchise. "" That's good news for some, and despite that Brown is held in Charlotte but taking into account the peripatetic nature of the Hall of Fame coach for how long?

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