What is the best basketball attack – for youth basketball

When answering the question, "What's the best basketball attack" for youth basketball, is it in the right place? In this article we will learn about the possibilities of offensive basketball and discuss the unique challenges of the offense of youth athletes.

Types of Crimes

Flexible, moving, dribble-drive, triangle, pass and cut, 5- out, 4-out 1-in, 3-out 2-in, high-post, low post, zone etc. … More crimes and offensive philosophies such as learning and learning, teaching young players with limited skills, and even more limited understanding of game concepts

Youth coach = big disadvantage

Basketball coach, regardless of whether smart and basketball strategy, they will only be as successful as the players' talents. But what about the year-on-year coach, seemingly less talent? If you look closely, you probably find that players are not necessarily less talented, much more likely to be less sporty than the competition.

A good trainer can tackle sports with disadvantages by performing crime and defensive schemes that slow down the game and study semi-judicial possession and execution. You can also find out that a less-athletic team is doing very well and rarely takes controversial footage. Additionally, the trainer has chosen handmade players that match the system and this seems to be less than if they actually play the most of the players who have to perform their system.

So, if you want to be a successful coach, choose the style of play and get the best players who can find this game style. Or if you want a short cut, get the most talented players, teach them a defense system and leave them alone as a crime.

Most youth coaches do not have the luxury to manually hire a whole team of philosophers, and they are lucky enough to get a talented offensive player, not to mention a whole team.

So what is the youth coach?

Teach the game based on the principles. Although this is a new concept of teaching criminals, they are therefore teaching the protection. Think about it, not defensive games, you teach it. Protection against zone or men, if you think it's simply a team-based defense.

The zone's defense actors are responsible for a court field, but their movements and actions are on the spot The ball. The same applies to men's defense, the only difference being that a player has a guard, but how to guard the player where the ball is at any time.

But this article is about crime, not protection, so what does the crime mean?

The first thing we have to accept is that you can not play in principle, play, your defense responds to what is happening with the ball, so a good principle is a criminal offense. You will know that you are facing a perpetual offense when players without a ball follow the next step that the ball decides the ball.

A player with a ball has only a few opportunities, or passes, and because the ball has responded to the defense, this means that the player with the ball is in the best position to decide what the next best step is at this moment . As a basic offense, when this step has been completed, the other four players will react and will move equally on the basis of the coach's principles.

The main offense is a new concept but fast, mainly because it can be used at all levels of basketball and works at all levels of skill

But this is especially useful for youth coaches because it is capable of situations where there is a significant difference players' skill levels on the same team. This is a big problem in recreational leagues. Highly skilled and marginal players can play together without frustration. The coaches are able to play all the players without fearing that the games will stop and, more importantly, each participant will have the opportunity to contribute, and that's what youth sports really are about to do.

How to Learn From the Principle of Attacking Basketball

While currently not familiar with the coaching world, research on the internet needs to find more information.