What is a good assistant coach?

In this constantly underweight basketball game, the selection of the boxers is important for assistant coaches. Good coaching staffs produce good results. A dedicated, committed coaching staff can form a smaller talented team in a championship. It is crucial for the Director-General to have an available criterion when selecting assistant coaches.

Below is the list of attributes that assistant coaches must have:

1. Faithful and honest.

2nd Willingness to listen, observe and accept mistakes

3. Open and curious to learn from others.

4th The basketball program is known from A to Z.

5th Preventative and Problems Occur Before It Occurs

6. Understand that no work is too small. A Coach From Training to Driving a Bus

7. Welcomes the leadership and strengths of the head coach.

8th Independent work ethics and desire to help the success of the program

9. It is a goal driven and continuous learning and improvement.

10th He likes coaching for the right reasons; helping players grow and develop.

Good assistant coaches are the tools of the tutor and the comprehensive program. In programs that can only hire one assistant, selecting the right assistant is very important. Some assistant coaches are eager to aspire. Encourage your assistants to prepare for the big step while being the best assistants.

To develop good assistants, the leader must be ready to delegate and assume responsibility for others. In practice, 2-3 staff can find the practice more effective than one. Position work, crime, defense, shooting, recovery, and transition are all areas that assistants can handle. If they are not ready yet, use practical opportunities to help them develop their skills and trust.

Use this list to continuously evaluate your assistants. They have to have accountability and grow and develop. Remember, the better your assistants, the more you focus on the important areas of the program that you need.

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