We separated Michael Jordan from the others

The debate is growing and will continue to evolve as the new NBA players determine themselves and the fans will absorb them. However, despite the fact that some of the great players have been quick to introduce in the past couple of decades, some one still enters our thoughts when we discuss who is the greatest time. Discussion on such a subject can not be dealt with without mentioning who, in my opinion, basketball is the greatest player in all time. Of course I'm talking about Michael Jordan.

The statistics were compared, the numbers were collected, processed and projected into several equations, waiting for a solid answer. It never happens. It seems that only interpretation and intellect can give an answer. Some of the current players throw into the equation the simple fact of filling the numbers, rings and dazzling the audience. LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are the most likely candidates, even if in my opinion they are compared to MJ. Kobe won the battle of many important stats, including the championships. LeBron is on the right path to its reputation without any doubt. But if we take it for a moment that they all have excellent and meaningful statistics and then focus on the dynamics of the game, then we may be more aware of things.

They are so impressed that Michael Jordan could not just understand the game of basketball, how he saw the court in any scenario, but how he played the people. Michael was able to react to his teammates. He understood their abilities, their minds, their weaknesses and their visions, and was able to direct their team to more victories than a true champion. The bulls of the 1990s were not the best in terms of statistics or in terms of player-player evaluation. But the team's energy and dynamics were odd. This was attributed to Michael's energy.

Michael Jordan did not care about points, attention, comparison or something like that. If he did, he could not have let anything interfere with the game when he decided to try his baseball. He simply felt that he had reached what he was leaving. He returned from his love for the game and perhaps just to see if he still possesses a special and mysterious ability to control the pace of the game. He was sure, and retired with the steam. Too many players today focus on overcoming their stats and not with the obvious talent to improve their play, win championship titles, and improve their team and game as a whole.

MJ stands for his own tournament when he tries to play basketball in the pursuit of passion, respect and efficiency. For this reason, I and many other people around the world crown Michael Jordan as the greatest time.