"Walk Like Something to Go" Lucille O & # 39; Neal – a book

Walk as if going somewhere, the NBA superstar, Shaquille O & # 39; Neal's mother, Lucille O & # 39; Neal's autobiography. The book explains that Lucille is struggling with life to become a teenage mother in overcoming alcoholism and dealing with her son's growing reputation; all the time relying on motivation and faith to help her. Lucille also presents the concept of "spiritual well-being" that she uses to describe her mental health over the years.

Overall, the Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go legs are incredibly short in length and I would have loved more in detail what the pressure comes from the momentum of motivation and that God plays a role. Lucille tells us about the events that lead to the rejuvenation of his life, but he does not even give much detail to his thoughts and feelings. Lucille quotes the scripture through the book and reads the timeline of her life, but again in larger quantities that encourages her to do certain things, the book becomes infinitely more inspirational.

I could not find Walk so wonderful to remember as if I had to go somewhere and I found it very similar to other celebs' curriculum vitae. This book was written by Shaquille O & # 39; We recommend Neal's fans and well-known media icons or celebrities to their mothers.

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