Vince Carter Dunk or How To Dunk Like Air Canada

So, did you see Vince Carter at Frederic Weis's 7th and 2nd Centers? Right. You saw Air Canada dunk at Alonzo Mourning. And did you hear that Vinsanity touched the top of the back? All right, this guy has a crazy frame – he just jumped out of the building! But hey, there's a good thing about jumping – it's not about genes and how tall you are. This is about work! You can learn to jump and learn dunk!

But there are some basic secrets to vertical growth: many people just do not even think. Perhaps because it sounds very simple. But they are decisive and effective. So if you want to increase your vertical and go like Air Canada – here are the five Vince Carter Dunk Secrets:

# 1: Loose Weight. All fonts are counted. So every additional pound is an unnecessary weight we need to get up in the air. And it spends a lot of energy. Even Michael Jordan had a tough coach to avoid extra pounds. The best dunkers in the world are sporty and at the same time fairly thin. Note: they never resemble bodybuilders (and also secret # 3). Examples? Vince, Gerald Green, Air Up There, Mike or James White. How to lose extra fonts? Just cut the desert.

# 2: Use the Jump Rope. Double NBA Slam Dunk Champion Jason Richardson, last year's winner, Nate Robinson and Vince Carter are constantly using this element during training routines. It is not just a perfect practice of coordination and fast legs but also one of the most effective to increase the vertical jump is really fast.

# 3: Do not harden too much! Yes that is right. Why? Because many people are very motivated at the beginning and have begun to build muscles like bodybuilders. So they are serious and interconnected. They try to jump, recognize extra fonts and loose motivation. How can this be avoided? Never spend more than 30 minutes a day on your vertical workout. Otherwise, it's in danger that it will be too difficult.

# 4: Not the number of repetitions, but the quality of execution. Jumping to hell maybe okay but not effective. Instead, you have to pay attention to the movement. Technique is crucial. Make sure you use all your power and remember to use your arm. Note: A clear leap with full strength is better than half past one half. In addition to Air Canada, Gerald Green is a perfect example of pure performance

# 5: Stretching – before and after workout. Many people just cut this item. But the elasticity of the muscles is essential to its ability to jump. That's why it's essential for Vinsanity's daily workout. The next time you pay attention to Vince Carter, look how much your body is. Unlike Kobe Bryant, who has built up a lot of muscle in recent years – and lost his arm and speed, Vince has always considered it important to stay fast and versatile