Tyrod Taylor wins 2010 prize

The growth and talent that we see in watching Tyrod Taylor's football career was amazing. Virginia Tech came to a five-star recruiter, expecting to poke and wait for the current Sean Glennon launch. Redshirt did not have a single game and his raw talent saved Virginia Tech from the first blockade in a decade.

Each year, the program could see Taylor's understanding of the attacker, but especially in 2009. After a stunning win over Nebraska in Blacksburg, it was like a light bulb. After this Tyrod became less and less an "option then running" type quarterback. He still had his wheel, but he used them to take time in the passing game, not for the win.

Liability has finally fallen into its natural ability, and last year it was one of the most effective QBs of NCAA. For 2010, a very strong offensive line and one of the country's best running tandem, Taylor, is expected to emerge in the passing game, despite Virginia Tech being the first team.

There are a number of checklists for the 2010 season. Of course, these lists do not decide who gets the prize (based on the 2010 performance) but is honored at national level. He also featured Davey O Brien National Prize, Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Prize and Maxwell Prize.

Naturally, winning any of these prizes will only be iced on the cake. You need a good season to win. And a great season in Virginia Tech is an ACC championship victory, the birth of BCS, and argues for the National Championship match. Great season also dramatically increases the status of the NFL draft.