Trust in the Lord and go into the hole

This is my new favorite offer. Now that you understand, you need to know what it means to "go into the hole." Go to the hole in a basketball term vigorously in the basket to score a goal. This basically means "Take it!"

Vince Carter is said to be the next Michael Jordan. He is playing for the Toronto Raptors and shows the evening highlight.

A few weeks later his mother asked him on the national television, and the questioner asked him what advice he had given him to.

He replied: "All I have to say to Vincent (let your mother name your full name on national television) trust in the Lord and go into the hole!"

So you have to think about me and have so much sense. This confusion of many people is what responsibility lies in God's hands and what responsibility it takes for you.

Some people do everything they need to trust in controlling God and you can not control these things in any way. These things are better for All-Knowing.

I'll give you an example of my own life. I'm talking regularly. I probably give 75 speeches a year. Now, not everyone will love what I want to say. I leave these people to God because I can not control people's reactions to me. But they always go in the hole when I talk!

On the other hand, there are people who just think that God will do all they can. Just as the rental fee is paid because some manila folders have to fall off the sky before the beginning of each month. When this does not happen, they will overturn: "Why did God allow this?" The answer? "Because you will not calm down and do what you have to do

This is a balance, there is something God will do, and there are things to do.

Another saying I love is to pray

So what's your encouragement to do today? Carter gives his son the same thing I give myself – Trust in the Lord and go in the hole