Tips for purchasing outdoor basketball

Usually outdoor surfaces are heavier, which makes it clear why it is best to go for the best outdoor basketball. Quality basketballs are able to withstand outside moisture and temperature. So, if you take this game from the outside seriously, we recommend that you keep some things in mind before deciding on a ball.

Before You Buy An Outdoor Basketball

There are three sizes to find outdoor basketballs: size 5, size 6 and size 7. Actually, the right size depends on age and sex.

Size 5 balls

11. These bullets have a circumference of about 27 ½ and weight about 18 ounces. These bullets are also ideal for kids.

Size 6 Balls

Excellent choice for you when you are between 12 and 15 years. It has about 28.5 inches circumference. And weigh about 20 ounces. Basketballs are also recommended by the experts for female players.

Bullet 7 Bullet

If you are younger than 16, then we recommend that you go to bullet 7. It is about 29.5 inches and weighs about 22 ounces.

Basketball Material

Outdoor Basketball is made of various materials such as leather, rubber and composite. Learn more about these materials.


Leather outdoor basketball is not so popular today. It is a fact that balls made of pure leather have to be interrupted before taking them for some serious gaming experience. First you may be in trouble as you will feel the slippage. However, patiently, you will be able to play well with the skin ball and it will take several years.

Composite Leather

Most of the balls we see on the market today are made of complex leather. This is because the material is more versatile and cheaper. Another advantage is that these bullets are ready for use and you do not have to break them. In addition, these balls bear more wear than other bullets.


concerned rubber balls are the cheapest. Outdoor rubber basketballs made from rubber are more durable. However, the disadvantage is that they are weak and feel strong. So these bullets are a good choice for kids.


You can buy outdoor basketball from many manufacturers. Each manufacturer uses different construction mixes and materials for construction. We encourage you to buy from a trusted and reputable seller to make sure you get a high quality ball.


The boulders or pebbles on the surface of quality basketball say a lot about the catch the ball offers. Basically, the grip tells you how easy or difficult it is for you to seize or hold the ball. If the ball provides good adhesion, you can better control the ball. However, if the ball is too hard you will not feel it in your hand.

So these are the essential things to remember when buying good outdoor basketball.