Tips for distinguishing Air Jordan Retro

Air Jordan shoe lovers are closely monitoring the upgrades. When there is any news or rumor about the release of Air Jordan shoes, we will try to make it clear and get one. Unfortunately, there are many replicas or fakes that sometimes we do not get what we paid for. Therefore, we also need to know how to distinguish them from copies. For example, using Air Jordan Retro is available in several ways. [1] Tip 1 – Attention to the price

Generally speaking, price is not a very important factor, as there is only a slight difference. But if the price is very low, you should be careful because the latest edition of Nike Jordan Shoes includes a regular official price. So there is almost no way to get a few at a very low price. The Air Jordan Retro is about $ 340, so if you have an on-line store of no more than $ 300, then you have to be very careful.

2nd tip – Attention to the boxes and accessories

The Jordan Shoes box is well-printed and made of good material. And they are hard and not easily and naturally shapable. As far as accessories are concerned, the authentic Air Jordan Retro is more prominent in terms of flexibility and softness while the copies are disappointing

Tip 3 –

Insole is one of the most important ways to differentiate replicas and authentic ones. Usually, the insole leaves are clear and concave convex. In addition, each Nike Jordan Shoes has a unique insole. Air Jordan â … ¤ Retro maintained Air Jordan's properties for insole

4. advice – Attention to smell

It is known that when the Air Jordan shoe box is destroyed (19459005), it will be a strong and fresh flavor, unique to Air Jordan Shoes. This is because Jordan Shoes used special adhesives. This is especially true if you buy the latest Nike Jordan shoes, because the latest release always has a special glue, while the copies have a very different smell of different glue. Nike is proud of it

Tip 5 – Attention to feeling

For those who wear Jordan backpacks often, the feeling is very effective to describe the difference. Usually the authentic Air Jordan shoes are soft and comfortable. The moment they fit, they can tell each other.

Tip 6 – Attention to the "style code"

It is known that Nike Company has a unique "style code". Take, for example, Nike SUPREMACY, issued in 2002:

– Origin of Origin: Made in China, means that shoes are not manufactured in China but elsewhere.

– Date of production 021202 means that it was made on 2002/02/02

– Factory Number: LN3 means that shoes are made in this factory.

– The 9-digit style is the key that distinguishes the counterfeit from authentic.

For example, style 305522-101. The 9 digits can be separated. The first section is 305522 and the other is 101. As for the first section, all Nike series starts with 3, and the remaining 5 digits are the series to which the shoes belong. The "style code" for the first shoe is 00001, not 00001. The other three-digit section contains color information.